to borrow (a small amount or item) with no intention of repaying or returning it:
"Lets just show up at Deans with no money and just scrounge up as much weed as we can get."
by The daily smokers April 7, 2009
Late night women at the bar. Ie woman who are always there for last call and down to poke.
Shit, bar is about to close, let’s stop by skybar and try to get some scrounge.
by ChupaCabra69 May 2, 2018
1.To be constantly looking for something to get into.
2.Someone who is almost like a begger.
1. Quit scronging, or u might get into trouble

2. The scrounge stood at the street corner begging for food.
by Taylerjc December 28, 2007
A small amount of weed left over after someone rolls a joint.
"Hey man, what do you want me to do with your scrounge?"
"Put it with the rest, we'll put it in the next one!"
by BelieveInCoexistance February 18, 2009
An individual who has no fixed residence and has to scrounge(Ibegya) to all his friends in order to survive.
Scrounge also enters a relationship with another partner only if they are 10 years older or 10 years younger than them.
See also Finn
1. Sus heres Finn the Scrounge.
2. Quick hide your daughter its Scrounge.
by OurDoyleKidd February 19, 2011
British slang for obtaining goods and services without having to pay for them. The word can be used in two rather different ways:
1 If it is for personal advantage then the word has certain negative implications, that the person doing the

scrounging is not wholly trustworthy;
2 If it is to further a project at work or to obtain goods, materials or money for a charity then there can be a certain

amount of admiration.
1 “I see Jan’s mumping drinks again.”

“What a scrounging old fart she is.”
2 “How did you get the job finished so quickly?

“Johnny went out scrounging and brought back some brand new 2 x 1 someone had dumped in a skip.”
by AKACroatalin March 15, 2019