To dive headfirst into a pool of gold coins, literally swimming through your wealth, an activity popularized by its namesake. Because when you're as rich as he is, there's literally nothing better you can do with your money. Can apply to representations of wealth aside from gold coins, such as silver coins, dollar bills, etc.
The rivalry between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs really came down to one point of contention: the proper method of Scrooge McDucking. While Steve preferred to swan dive into his pile of 5.426 million shares of Apple, Bill would always cannonball into 101 billion single dollar bills.
by 14bj337 December 24, 2012
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Scrooge McDucking is the act of organizing a group of people who willingly get oiled up and lie in a pile naked. Once there is a sufficient number of participants the leader of said activity removes his or her clothes and swims through the naked writhing mass of people. Usually there is no penetration or direct sexual acts because this would slow you down. The term comes from the early 90's cartoon Duck Tales in which Scrooge McDuck would swim through piles of money and gold. The difference is, you don't swim through money, you swim through oiled and naked people.
Last night I had like 10 fine women over, they all got naked, and i Scrooge McDucked my way through them all night.
by Massmusain July 18, 2006
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To dive into and swim around in a large pile of gold coins to celebrate one's wealth, as made famous by cartoon character Scrooge McDuck.
Man, John is so rich, he goes Scrooge McDucking in his yacht everyday.

John: Hey guys, you want to come to my mansion and go Scrooge McDucking?
by kbair February 21, 2011
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A polite way of saying the F word. Used purely as an exclamation. In no way endorsed by Disney.
Whadaya mean all 4 engines are on fire! Man, we're Scrooge McDucked.
by Jackelrayn June 26, 2006
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It is when you are recieving oral sex from a female, and you take a pocket full of change(preferably gold dollas) and throw it in her face. Like a ballah.
Imma scrooge mcduck your girlfriend.
by slimwafflestien September 26, 2006
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evil twin of Donald Duck and uncle to 3 other ducks named huey, duey and louie. made the stovepipe hat cool. i believe Slash, of Guns n' Roses/ Velvet Revolver, stole the idea of wearing a stovepipe hat from Scrooge McD.
Slash: "hey Axl, i'm gonna wear a stovepipe hat from now on..."
Axl Rose: "Wow man, awesome!! why?"
Slash: "cos i wanna be like Scrooge McDuck and Marc Bolan!"
by failure33object April 24, 2005
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Money. Dollar Bills. Scratch, Skrilla, Moolah, Dough, Paper, Ducats, Cheese, Green, Dead Presidents, Greenbacks, Yaper, Cashish, Spinach, Jacksons, Grants, Benjamins...You get the idea.
Maaan, I would hit the titty joint with you guys, but I already spent that fat wad of Scrooge McDuck Paper.
by D-Bruch November 6, 2006
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