The native scottish language, not quite English but very close. It mixes regional dialects with English. Most regions have widely varying dialects.
So can you teach me scots? It sounds easy and very like English
by Whitsunday September 14, 2004
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I'm hoping, someday, to earn that extra "t".
God, I can't wait to be a Scott instead of a Scot.
by eduk8r May 06, 2009
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A slang term used to describe something that is bad, useless, rubbish or unworkable. Also means someone who is disadvantaged in every way shape and form
Bro 1- hey man did you like the new movie?
Bro 2- Na bro i think it was pretty Scots.
by Superscots September 06, 2011
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A verb meaning to share some service that both is not meant to be shared, and causes no loss for any 'scoting' party in its sharing.
One needs an intimate knowledge of physics and engineering for more than three persons to scot a small locker at yer local aquatic centre.
by Barry Dubya May 24, 2005
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Perhaps the dourest and most melancholy race on earth, Scots overcompensate for the third-world poverty and obscene ignorance of their dreary, dark, damp and miserable psudo-nation by posting a flood of self-congratulatory and false definitions of their god-forsaken race of troglodytes on a humorous online dictionary.
Those filthy, stinking Scots cowering in the gutter seem fearful the English will invade their country and inflict countless crushing military defeats. Again.
by Edward Longshanks June 17, 2008
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Can not quote are sell a vessel
Scot try's to do right but forget s we are building real vessels and quotes toys
by Catfish killer December 14, 2016
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