First immortal god of the infinite universes, holy god of the mxqryion religion.
“Scot, our holy god, has blessed us with the holy gift of beanies”- Shaeb 4:20
by Holy god Scot June 12, 2021
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a scot can be a master of many things, master of bikes, music, art, computers...
That scot taught me all I need to know about the best music ever.
by Chikity May 1, 2003
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History: My mother was a conservative. She believes the extra "t" was a waste of letters. Of course, it back-fired. Because more ink and paper has been wasted correcting the misspellings than by taking away my "t".
by eduk8r May 7, 2009
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A person originating from Scottish heritage. More than likely nicer-looking, better, and smarter than you. Probably can out drink you-all while wearing a hot skirt.
That Scot looked so cute in that kilt while he drank the rest of the football team under the table.
by meggiem November 18, 2008
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The past participle of skeet which replaces the word skeeted.
I was railing Cindy when I pulled out and scot all over her face!
by The Clap May 17, 2008
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