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A word driving from a small group of Suburban guys who , over time developed thier own language. Scog is formally defined as a Beer (mostly a Keystone Light). Scog can be used in just about any tense. 'Scogging' as a verb, meaning to get hammered, cocked, or shitfaced. 'Scoged' in past tense means that the individual got fucked up pretty good. If " AH Scog' is said, that means you made a very clever ball break. Scog can be used in just about any situation, regarless of context. It is a legit sentence enhancing tool.
Who is buyin the Scogs for tonight?
We Scoggin tonight?
Tripple hammy Ah Scog! Zorgandies! YE
by Sally McDorginstein June 10, 2009
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a Slight Chuckle Or Giggle. Used as a response when the user didn't actually "lol."
"His hat looks like a chicken."
by brickman1444 March 11, 2010
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using refering to a person that considers himself brilliant at footballing skillz . .
guy 1: man that guys a fucking SCOG !
guy 2: tell me about it . . .
by beermchoff July 13, 2008
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The word pertaining to a liquid, or other substance that is commonly called or known as disgusting, dirty, or gross.

What the hell is that scog in your ear?

Awww, theres like, scog in my pool
by Silent Ricochet April 19, 2006
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