Place where students are "educated". They really don't teach us real stuff though. Why don't I know about insurance policy limits and all that. The education system is full of RAT BASTARDS.
Yo, I gotta go to the schoolhouse to get lab hours in.
by Young Hov January 26, 2007
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A squealing genre of flatulence commonly heard from one sitting down at an uncomfortable middle school desk, distinct in both sound and smell. A schoolhouse fart turns heads, not necessarily due to smell, but because of the scenario in which the toot was performed. Heads turn in disgusted disbelief. The best schoolhouse farts are undoubtedly expelled in a classroom setting - full of students, teachers, faculty, staff, and assignments.
"Ugh, did you hear Johnny rip ass during the middle of our Geometry lecture? Oh my, it was not just a toot, 'twas a schoolhouse fart!"
by penneturtle December 02, 2019
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A cartoon that teaches kids about ... subjects and school.

And stuff..
As your body grows bigger your mind must flower it's great to learn cause knowledge is power!
-Schoolhouse rock
by rhyphin April 24, 2017
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A one-room schoolhouse is a bathroom in a commercial establishment where the sinks, toilets, and urinals (if applicable) are in the same room, not separated by partitions.
The term comes from schools from the early 20th century which were the same way -- one room was the entire building, all grades of student in together.
A: "Let's go to Hook's restraunt."
B: "No, I hate that place. Whenever I have to go to the bathroom, it's a one-room schoolhouse. Someone will be in there and either he doesn't lock the door and I end up walking in on him and usually see him naked or the person does lock the door and I'm stuck awkwardly waiting in the way of the servers leaving the kitchen in full view of the restraunt."
by Suge Knight March 01, 2006
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Schoolhouse Rocky is a hunky superhero with red hair used in the show, Schoolhouse Rock! He is the main protagonist, who is only seen in the intro.
It’s Schoolhouse Rocky, that chip off the block, of your favorite schoolhouse, Schoolhouse Rock!
by JeffyFanatic5000 March 07, 2021
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