Hecks yeah is an exclamation to note extreme excitement. Hecks yeah is a derivative of the hell yeah variation hells yeah. It has been TipperGored for use around your moms and teachers. It is the new black because hells yeah is sooo 2005.
Have you popped the new Paris Hilton single?

Hecks yeah! I just popped it in the Pod... That snitch is just a chicken head... She needs 2 stick 2 blowin' her papis skrilla.
by DefCon1 August 9, 2006
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A statement exclaimed at the end of any random sentence (sometimes accompanied by a 'wicked' hand gesture) just for the sake of lightening the mood. It is often used by unique individuals how also use terms like "frick" and "fricken' rad dude!" When someone uses this it may sometimes cause confusion but should just be recognised as a playful phrase.
"Do we have art next period?"
"Heck Yeah!"
by That Avacodo life innit January 5, 2018
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Heck Yeah is a mobile app and a marketplace platform that provides coaches with another revenue channel, and trainees a pool of talent to choose from. Ultimately, Heck Yeah makes access to professional fitness coaching available to everyone, no matter where they are from, contributing towards a healthier, happier world. Heck Yeah, let’s do this!
Heck Yeah helps people work one-on-one with badass personal trainers from anywhere in the world.
by Kirk Simmmons October 14, 2020
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Term is used when you’re especially happy when something happens, like when something is cheaper than normal.
Bryan: Yo dude i got 2 g’s for only 10 bucks!!

you: Heck Yeah Brother!!!
by noonyhez January 14, 2019
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Heck yeah borther: a phrase that started on YouTube, under the gaming channels Kryoz and SMii7Y. It’s more common on Kryoz’ channel, but is still often prevalent on SMii7Y’s, as well. It’s spoken in a southern accent, a simple mispronunciation of “heck yeah brother.” This phrase is a definite fan favorite.
“I just won the game.”
“You did?”
Heck yeah!”
Heck yeah, borther!”
by _kkriii March 16, 2018
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heck yeah dude is a term used when something really cool usually to your benefit happens
by real.stuff October 30, 2015
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