A place where teachers look down on you and treat you like your stupid, even though you are the main reason that they get paid.
A place you are forced to go, even if you know you will never need more than half the stuff they teach you there.
A place where kids are bullied every day, and not just by the other students, but the teachers also.
A place that basically has no meaning exept to make kids depressed.
A place where you go to for seven hours, but you are only learning something knew for about 2hrs.
The only thing school teaches kids is that life is messed up!
by idk410 January 02, 2008
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A place, supposedly for students to learn, that might be fun if the teachers used more creative methods, introduced a better atmosphere into the classroom and had respect for students and their ideas. Many teachers do this but many others, unfortunately, do not, making school merely a social forum/ social hellhole. Oddly enough, gifted education teachers seem to have classes that are easier to pass because it's more enjoyable and creative.
Teacher One: You get to choose which way to do this project.

Teacher Two: You're doing this project THIS way with THIS information because I said so!
by Misha February 25, 2005
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Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Lives.

The place where children are jailed up throughout the day. More time is spent at school and at home doing SCHOOL work then playing around on computer, ect.
Person 1: Hey, those Lovatics over there are like totally bored.

Person 2: Yeah, cause they are in S.C.H.O.O.L.!
by :) Lovaticc (: February 04, 2012
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an inhumane experiment where the governments tries to throw as many people as possible together in the same building and fuck with them without getting sued for it
dude, why didnt they cancel school? its snowing!

school is a canspiracy, man. whenever someone figures out whats going on, BAM! they have "problems" and need to see the "counselor"
by anonymous January 11, 2005
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A place where you must deal with work, teachers, events and shithead students all at the same time. The amount of work you get depends on the teacher you have. This is the place where students are treated like 3 year olds, you can't point out your teacher's flaws, talk back, or anything like that, even if the teacher gets completely owned. They come up with some lame excuse/sentence to cover up their wrong, it's sad. And us students have to sit here and put up with the teacher's fucking shit. Half the classes in school are boring as hell. Half the stuff you learn in school won't count for fuck when you're older.

It's like being put in a hellhole for 6 in a half hours, once you get outside, you can breathe.

Overall, school just plain sucks.
At school...

Teacher: Ok kids, I give you permission to talk once you have finished your assignment.

Student: *Finishes work and starts to yak*

Teacher: HEY, YOU! I told you not to talk until you've finished your work! What are you stupid, son?

Student: But I'm finished my work sir...

Teacher: Well then stop talking!

by Alozaps September 28, 2006
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