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Just a regular person with lots of money and lots of attention.
Jack, "Would you consider me a celebrity?"
Frank, "Go buy me a soda."
Jack, "Think I've got a million dollars or something?"
Frank, "Then no."
by Lord Razzola February 18, 2008
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When your bowel movements are so loud and offensive that you turn on the faucet in an attempt to mask the sound to save yourself some humiliation.
I was at my grandparents' the other day and really had a case of the faushits. I'm pretty sure the entire household heard me dropping a deuce until I cleverly turned on the faucet.
by Lord Razzola December 28, 2013
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An MMORPG that has been delayed and delayed and will probably never come out.
Jimmy, "Gosh, Bobby, I've been waiting forever for this cool MMORPG called Darkfall you told me about 3 years ago. Is it ever coming out?"

Bobby, "Just keep waiting. Another beta. Maybe another crappy commercial to be released on youtube. But it will come."
by Lord Razzola February 18, 2008
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Saint Louis, Missouri is the fat capital of the world. It is a city where if you are walking somewhere, you are automatically assumed to be homeless, unless you make it clear to people that you are exercising by wearing a jogging suit, and in that case, you are just an idiot rather than homeless.

One might wonder what has led such a quiet, little city to become a gargantuan eating machine. The answer is that there is absolutely nothing to do in Saint Louis. Probably the biggest attempt and biggest failure to do something creative was build the Arch, and for prospective tourists, the funnest part about seeing the Arch is the grueling 10-hour ride to the top on elevators that move slower than the electric handicapped grocery carts.

Saint Louis is also known for its abundant supply of fastfood, where on every block, one can find at least a McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Steak and Shake, Jack in the Box, and a Hardees. So, without anything to do except eat, eat, and eat, the prosperous city of Saint Louis has turned into a monstrous hunk of fat.

But aside from being the fattest city known to man, Saint Louis is also home to the biggest low-lives one could ever dream of getting to know. In Saint Louis, a simple nod or a wink at someone could get you shot and killed on the spot. Why would someone kill another for winking at them? Hey, in Saint Louis, anything is possible.

Saint Louis is broken up into 4 major districts. Whoever came up with the names is beyond me, but such creativity will last through the ages. North County, West County, South County, and East Saint Louis are the 4 districts of Saint Louis. There also is Downtown Saint Louis and Saint Louis City, but those are hardly worth of mention since the only thing that manifests in those areas is crime. The breakup of the counties goes as follows:

-North County is inhabited by a bunch of lazy hoosiers and contributes nothing to society.

-West County is a bunch of suburban white folks that sit around and think about how much better they are than the rest of their world while making sure to lock their doors and windows in their BMWs at the sight of a black man.

-South County is a mixture of North and West County.

-East Saint Louis is where one can go for sexual desires at strip clubs and at the same time get mugged by a mean-looking man.

Saint Louis is a large city that the rest of the world could not care less about. Most likely the only recognition it receives is from its sports teams such as The Cardinals, The Blues, and The Rams. Other than that, there is really nothing special about the place with the exception of Ted Drewes, the best frozen custard one can ever get. In fact, if one should ever go to Saint Louis, it should be for the sole reason of tasting the heavenly delight. Just don't eat too much, or you'll become fat like the rest of us here in Saint Louis.
Jimmy, "Daddy, can we go to Saint Louis someday?"
Dad, "Fuck no, Jimmy. Fuck no."
by Lord Razzola April 8, 2008
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Salutations are fancy greetings very rarely used in today's world. Most people who say "salutations" are laughed at or made fun of, but it is still a really cool way to say hello.
by Lord Razzola September 6, 2006
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A jizzlactite is a cave-like formation that is created when one successfully performs a jizz shot that sticks to the ceiling.
-Tour guide, "You'll notice these things that hang from the cave ceiling. They're called stalactites. They are very old."
-Billy, "Is that a stalactite?"
-Tour guide, "Oh my, that's no stalactite. That's a jizzlactite! That must have been from those darn kids in the last tour group!"
by Lord Razzola June 26, 2007
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What nerds are known for
While everyone is out having sex, I'm sitting at home practicing chronic masturbation to my character's gear on World of Warcraft
by Lord Razzola April 8, 2008
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