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School lunch is really just a fat old lady's shit from 10 years ago
That school lunch looks like a piece of poop between 2 pieces of moldy bread!
by The Goddamn King March 09, 2017
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School lunch for a majority of the time is bad. Most meat (Hamburgers, ribs, meatloaf) is made out of 70% rubber and 30% meat. You also have a pick or milk, which isn't very much. School lunch can also be pretty costly.
Fuggin hell, this burger taste like rubber. Crappy school lunch...
by Baha October 04, 2004
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Somthing kids on a closed campus school are forced to eat. Usually of sub-par quality and overpriced. If one finds the main options too repulsive, they can go for the bank breaking a la carte option. which consists of bagels, juices, chips etc. Main courses consist of, but are not limited to, the following items

-Burnt, overcooked tater tots
-Dry, gag-inducing hamburgers or chicken sandwiches
-Ceasar Salad drenched in sauce
-Milk thats frozen in the carton
-Spaghetti,tacos, and nachos all using the same disgusing sauce
- Calzones that are dry, taste like cardboard and are with unknown substances
Joey almost vomited from the quality of his disgusting school lunch
by Joshie G. April 23, 2010
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one of the most disgusting foods in the world. It consits of:

Raw meat
over cooked vegeatbeals
cold pizza
a milk
The school lunch made Kelly sick, so she sued the lunch ladies for every penny they had
by poCkadotslotz July 24, 2009
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The most vile, disgusting, putrid shit on the face of the Earth! I bet prison food tastes better than this slop (Hell, it might even be healthier!)! Here is a rundown of the "food" school has to offer:
Burgers: Nasty as fuck! I bet the burgers are 70% shit, 25% rubber, and 5% beef by-products.

Chicken sandwiches: Sort of like burgers, but actually somewhat edible.

Soups: See urine.
Raw fruit and vegetables: The only actual food on the menu. They actually taste good and they're handy for calming your stomach down.
Cooked vegetables: P.U.!!! Cooked vegetables are as stinky as a skunk's ass! Everyone in my school (including me) has to hold their nose to keep themselves from puking and passing out from the stinky-ass fumes the cooked vegetables emit!
Milk: Expired, and I bet it's semen, not milk.
Pasta, mashed potatoes, etc.: Cold, moldy, shitty, you get the idea.
1: Lunch lady 1: We are out of dog poo for the burgers!
Lunch lady 2: Just use cat poo, they won't know the difference.
2: Delivery man: What should I do with this jug of goat sperm?
Lunch lady: Just write "ranch" on it.
3: Lunch lady 1: What are we going to do with this skunk juice, garlic, limburger cheese, 20 year old sweat socks, fish guts, and all this leftover shit and piss?
Lunch lady 2: Just put in a blender and then put it on the cooked vegetables.
school lunch
by Valintino the Big Surpremo September 11, 2010
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School lunch consists of:

day old pizza, week old meatloaf, or improperly cooked hamburgers

moldy bread, cold pasta, or burnt vegetables

expired milk
OMG they gave me milk that expired 3 weeks ago! and why is this chicken sandwich pink? fluck the school lunch!
by norbert from earth April 19, 2007
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