school located in the newport area; full of skater fags, druggies, sluts, and backstabbers; tons of drama and STD's; a place where NO ONE would wanna live
Outsider-Do you go to Newport High School/Middle School?

Person in Newport- Yeah

by booboobaby((:: June 15, 2010
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East pennsboro high school and middle school are shirty places. One the fucking 7th and 8th graders are juuling till they OD or they are fucking in the cafeterias. The high school is even worse, people juul in class, in the bathroom, in the locker rooms, and in the gym. There have been two shooting threats but the guy who said these threats didnt get detention or suspended, the teachers do Jack shit and don't fix any issues. Those are some of the issues and another post will be coming soon.
"East pennsboro high school\ middle school is the worst place to be"

" yeah I'd rather be have my dick cut off then go there "
by Hippynippy21 August 21, 2019
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A school you CHOOSE to go to in order to get a certification, but you aren't forced to go.
"I heard you graduated. Did you go to school school or to college?"
"I went to Medical school."
"Oh, so you went to school school."
by MilleniumCrusader January 4, 2019
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Something to say when there is really nothing else to say in a conversation. Originally from Flamingo.
by BilliesGorol February 6, 2020
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