Disgusting food that either has poo, or undercooked “stuff” in it. Our school had someone who found a real tooth in his sausage. Yeah, I think they got sued. I don’t get why people buy. The sausage comes in WATER. I have to watch people eat it. Also the vegetables. The broccoli looks like a bad diarrhea but worse. Then the ladies put cheese on it. CHEESE! The corn has some kernels that are black, and carrots are mushy. Eat at your own risk, the pancakes that come in bags are edible though since they’re Pillsbury brand.
by THIS is Bqnana 🥞 December 16, 2018
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Sloppy dry tasteless food that is served to children in a place that is more like jail but they call it "school".
The school lunch pizza taste horrible today. I had rather ate rat poison.
by BriAmarsico March 23, 2018
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Old poop from 1900 that is good for you but it’s not.
Did you here they are giving out free school lunch
by Fuck2013 May 6, 2020
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Trash made to look like edible food that u have to pay for
School lunch sucks
by Grace phill March 23, 2018
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The principal wants to poison students so they think our school system is some what ok but in reality it’s worse than the government of Sudan.
“Hey you getting school lunch?”
“Nah, I’m not trying to wake up dead”
by Paluchinator March 23, 2018
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Thanks a lot Michelle Obama...

school lunch is essentially made up of food that even dollar tree would refuse to sell. Regularly consisting of overcooked soggy chicken patty between a bun that dates back to the paleolithic age... BUT WAIT, THERES OTHER OPTIONS TOO!

-a hamburger thats probably has more yeast then the bun itself... why is it dark purple?

-mashed potatoes that literally STICK TO THE BOTTOMS OF THE TABLES, word of advice... never touch down there.

-fruit that smells more meaty than the actual meat, but is in the end just improperly stored fruit so it tastes ok i guess...

-raw vegetables stolen from the rabbits at PetSmart, i heard that someone found a dead roach in the brocolli once

-mac and cheese thats more watery than retirement home coffee, and is somehow greenish in tinge some days

-the hot dog is actually ok... suspiciously ok...

-i've never actually eaten the school's pizza before, but people seem to like it so i guess its ok

-nacho cheese that stinks up the whole cafeteria and smells like rat piss mixed with an old woman's pad

in conclusion, do what i do and just pack your own damn lunch, because trust me eating that crap will probably give you a brain tumor or something
Miguel: boy oh boy do i love school lunch... but recently i got this weird dark splotch on my skin
Mikhail: i did too maybe it was something in the school lunch hamburgers...

(they both died 2 days later of the bubonic plague)
by Punchy_207 May 10, 2022
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a scam
you pay 1-5 bucks for bad food
you could have spent that money on actual food
bro school lunch is a scam
by MINGUS_MUNGIS March 30, 2021
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