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Those little annoying kids who just are out there to make your life difficult by asking obvious questions.

They also utilize the current stupid joke going around school to the point where it isn't funny anymore; a joke that everyone is saying, like that "Blue Punch Buggy!" thing from Lilo and Stitch.

They wear shirts that say things like "I sold my sister for video games!" hurhurhurhur!!11

They get on MySpace at school and think they rock for having a MySpace.

They question what you are looking at on the computer when they are too stupid to understand it themselves (see example)
For example, say you are carrying a project while riding the school bus. A school kid will ask you in a fake "you're stupid" tone, "Why are you carrying that posterboard?" You respond kindly, "it's my history project," when really you wanted to say, "Um, think about this, moron. We're going to school. In school, we do projects. Ooooh, weird," in a sarcastic tone.


Steph: *watching Para Para dance videos*

David*in a slow condesceding tone*: What are you looking at?

Steph: Dance videos. *turns screen away*

David: Freaky...hurrhurr

Steph: Why don't you mind your own dang business?
by MeTheTree November 29, 2006
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Those obnoxious little brats who you want to punch in the fucking teeth just for being in the same region as you.

They ask questions they already know the answer to in a slow, nauseating tone just to see if you'll snap. and when you do, they'll run away giggling with all their little queer associates.

They are known to use the worst, most unoriginal come backs that will bring your blood to a boil and you'll want to drop kick their mouthy asses. "I know you are but what am I?"

You can usually find a school kid mocking/copying you, as it is one of their favorite pastimes.

They think they're REALLY cool when they get facebook and start wall-to-walling with their friends saying shit like "LMFAO, that was so funny! XD :P" and "omg! lutz go 2 the moviez l8r." ...shut the fuck up

They also like to tell really dumb, pointless stories. You know what I'm talking about.

If you see a school kid, you are likely to be kind and patient at first.. but be warned, this will change after a few short minutes of conversing with them. their constant annoyances will beat down even the toughest of the tough and you will want to get as far away as possible. if you are unable to escape them, you will have to endure the pain for the time being. good luck.
School Kid: Why is your shirt red?
You: I donno.. i bought it that way i guess.
School Kid: Oh. whyyyy did you buy the red one?
You: ..I wanted to.
School Kid: whyyyyy did you want to?
You: I. Like. Red.
School Kid: whyyyy do you like red?
School Kid: I know you are but what am I? (usually done with devil's smirk)
You: my fuck you're such a school kid!
by Bumsrus October 04, 2011
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