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1. (noun/verb) A Japanese style of dance that follows set choreography and is mainly done with the hands and arms.
(Also, the Japanese onomatopoeia for "dance".)
"Whoa. Rasha has some mad Para Para skills."
by Seishi March 02, 2003
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A style of dance popular in Japan, using mostly arm movements, done to mostly Eurobeat music. Also spawned a PS2 game called Para Para Paradise.
I spent the whole day doing para para with my friends.
by Bakagami October 04, 2003
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ParaPara is a style of dance that originated in Japan. It is speculated that it started in the 1970's, but the birth of what we call ParaPara today was really in the 1990's.

ParaPara is usually danced to a genre of music called Eurobeat, which is manufactured in Italy, and sold in Japan.

Specific songs have their own specific routines. There can be one or more routine for a song, depending on how many clubs have put out a new choreography. ParaPara dancers, or Paralists, can make up their own choreography to songs as well.

ParaPara is usually danced with the arms, and the feet movements are usually simple side steps, however, there are complicated foot routines for some songs.

ParaPara comes in "booms". It gets really popular for a while, but then dies down for a little while, then comes back popular again.
I just learned a new ParaPara routine from Velfarre: Pride by Dave!

Oh man, the US is having a HUGE ParaPara boom!
by Vampeh Pew January 31, 2006
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When someone has a large intake of alcohol and no longer knows what they are doing. Para Para people generally live around the Cardiff or Taunton area. They cannot drink small amounts of alcohol and enjoy activities such as; falling over, tripping over and shouting. These creatures normally inhabit university halls or clubs such as Oceana. Approach with caution.
Look around a club or university hall of residence and you will notice these Para Para people generally cannot stand without the aid of a chair or bar to prop themselves up on.
by MC Chazzer D January 02, 2010
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