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A guest on the Maury show, who, after finding out they did not correctly identify the father of their baby, falls to the floor face down.
Maury: Johnathen, you are NOT the father.

Rhonda: NO! *falls to the floor in frusration*

Johnathen: *cheers* YEAH! I'm not the daddy!

Steph at home: Rhonda here is a floor kisser.
by MeTheTree December 29, 2006
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A phrase that refers to diplomas/certificates/whatever granted to anyone you know who is (or already did) graduating in the year of 2007.

The phrase originates from the James Bond (Agent 007) movie "License to Kill." Given that this is a Bond year, and there are several people graduating from various institutions around the world, they truly have been granted a license to graduate.
Emma: Hey Steph! 2007 is your year to graduate from high school. Congratulations on getting your License to Graduate.

Steph: Why thank you, Emma!!
by MeTheTree January 23, 2007
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Those kids who ride around parking lots on their bikes, yelling stuff at cars that pass by or just getting in the way of people driving their cars. Usually prominent on Saturday afternoons, usually about age 13-15.

They ride little tiny bikes that don't fit them, mostly.
Parking Lot Shark: HAY FAT GIRL! Hurrrhurrrhurr. *Laughs with friends*

Steph: Those dang Parking Lot Sharks get more annoying every weekend.
by MeTheTree February 14, 2007
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Those little annoying kids who just are out there to make your life difficult by asking obvious questions.

They also utilize the current stupid joke going around school to the point where it isn't funny anymore; a joke that everyone is saying, like that "Blue Punch Buggy!" thing from Lilo and Stitch.

They wear shirts that say things like "I sold my sister for video games!" hurhurhurhur!!11

They get on MySpace at school and think they rock for having a MySpace.

They question what you are looking at on the computer when they are too stupid to understand it themselves (see example)
For example, say you are carrying a project while riding the school bus. A school kid will ask you in a fake "you're stupid" tone, "Why are you carrying that posterboard?" You respond kindly, "it's my history project," when really you wanted to say, "Um, think about this, moron. We're going to school. In school, we do projects. Ooooh, weird," in a sarcastic tone.


Steph: *watching Para Para dance videos*

David*in a slow condesceding tone*: What are you looking at?

Steph: Dance videos. *turns screen away*

David: Freaky...hurrhurr

Steph: Why don't you mind your own dang business?
by MeTheTree November 29, 2006
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A cheesy video you have to watch in driver's ed about people that didn't wear their seatbelts. It's so old you can see the camera guy's cigarette smoke floating up!
Steph: Man that "Room to Live" video was cheesy.

Tanya: yeah that video was pretty ridiculous.
by MeTheTree December 09, 2006
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When you and some friends poop together at a specific time during the day. You all stink up the bathroom together so you don't have to be ashamed-cause hey, you're all friends there anyway.
Kristin in Art class *checks watch*

Emma in Math class *checks watch*

Steph in English class *checks watch*

Marie in Econmics: *checks watch*

*they congregate in the bathroom and get it done*

Steph: Another sucessful dump-taking, people. yay for the Pooping Friends Network!
by MeTheTree December 03, 2006
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Someobody who parks right next to you, or who loves to park in a congested lot for the sake of being closer to the building.

People parkers believe that nobody should ever be lonely, especially in a parking lot. So they park right next to you. They also don't believe in walking the extra distance, so parking next to people in the front of the lot is worth it, even though this presents a hazard.
Steph: *parks her truck in an open lot in Wal Mart* Ahhhh! I am nice and far away. I can just drive away when I am done!

People Parker: *parks right next to her*

Steph: *under her breath* WHY! Out of the whole dang lot....
by MeTheTree December 10, 2006
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