A method of smearing paint; Taytayski’s preferred technique of throwing paint around a canvas.
“Now grab some paint and schlob it on the canvas
“My favorite part of the background is schlobbing the paint around!”

“Load that brush, and start schlobin!
by Taytayski August 22, 2020
when a person is worst than a slob. the "sch" sound is to intensify the sloppiness of the person in question (ex.1). To further intensify the word, elongate the first syllable to desired intensity.(ex.2)

Its origin has been credited to a Tara Fitzbooty for her everlasting thirst for beer and her uncontrollable hunger for Wendy's.
(ex.1) Tara drank all of our beer and wants someone and drive her fat gut to wendy's!! what a Schlob!!

(ex.2) Jason: Tara was blowing chunks and farting on dave's porch the other night!
Kyle: what a fucking Sssccchhhlob!!
by jayfred June 6, 2004
One Michelob Ultra.

pronounced: "Shhh-loooowwww-bb"

Other possibilities include: One Michelob Ultra Amber, or "Amber Schlob"
"Quit drinkin' all my fuckin' Schlobs I only bought a six pack"

"I farted in Lou's room, now I owe him a Schlob"
by Sir Admiral III January 15, 2009
Is a name for a male who has a long and fat dick. They are constantly getting laid because of their wangs.
I asked cody if he scored last night. He said "Of course I'm a Schlob"
by Chuck woolery November 14, 2004
A player, on console or PC, that is beyond a practice hero. This player is by far the worst on the team but insists they are skilled. Little do they know they are always at the bottom of the rankings.

Once a player is bottom of the rankings 3 times in a row (rayj), they are perminent schlob
Wow, this guy is a real schlob

I can’t believe the schlob thinks he can klutch it

Last time this schlob will get an invite
by Bigmikeandtheboys February 13, 2018
to give head or a blow job to a guy
Brandon wants Steph to schlob on his knob.
by Kal January 3, 2004