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when a person is worst than a slob. the "sch" sound is to intensify the sloppiness of the person in question (ex.1). To further intensify the word, elongate the first syllable to desired intensity.(ex.2)

Its origin has been credited to a Tara Fitzbooty for her everlasting thirst for beer and her uncontrollable hunger for Wendy's.
(ex.1) Tara drank all of our beer and wants someone and drive her fat gut to wendy's!! what a Schlob!!

(ex.2) Jason: Tara was blowing chunks and farting on dave's porch the other night!
Kyle: what a fucking Sssccchhhlob!!
by jayfred June 6, 2004
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this is when a girl is so fat her shins go straight to the foot hiding the ankles.
look at that schlob! she got the biggest set shankles i ever seen! they're almost as big as kankles!
by jayfred June 6, 2004
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A big fat turd that exits out one's ass in the shape of a giant log possibly resembling a large seqoia tree floating in your toilet.

the word bum refers to the ass; the log refers to the turd.
Tara is such a Schlob she backed up the sewer system with her giant bum logs
by jayfred June 6, 2004
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