7 definitions by Chuck woolery

capable of a powerful driving action in spite of the lack of overall length
He had a two inch tool, but a pile driving ass.
by Chuck woolery June 17, 2004
An insult phrase used to express complete hatred and disgust of another person; Telling a person what you think of their style or actions.
After Tony screwed my dog, I caught up with him at the liquor store, beat his ass, and told him he could "suck dicks in hell!".
by Chuck woolery July 6, 2003
Fecal matter that refuses to be flushed. Variously known as a strong swimmer. Not to be confused with sticktites or gluons

Also, a line of bullshit that cannot be accepted.
We didn't believe him, so we said, "That shit won't flush", "That one's a floater".
by Chuck woolery June 17, 2004
subatomic particle responsible for the transmission of the strong nuclear force.

subatomic particle allegedly reposonsible for tenaciously holding fecal matter to the sides of the toilet bowl, no matter how many times you flush it. These masses are sometimes referred to as sticktites or anal stalagmites
Somebody left a gluon in the men's room.
by Chuck woolery June 17, 2004
Is a name for a male who has a long and fat dick. They are constantly getting laid because of their wangs.
I asked cody if he scored last night. He said "Of course I'm a Schlob"
by Chuck woolery November 14, 2004
a sexual term refering to when I guy puts a thumb in the vagina and a finger in the back door and then rubs the two together. The results are sexually sparks flying, hence the name.
That chick is hot I am going to give her the firecracker tonight.
by Chuck woolery January 24, 2004
Reference to jerking off in a very forceful manner, such that the testicles are bounced, or "jacked"
We didn't get much work done, but we did a lot of bagjacking.
by Chuck woolery June 29, 2003