German for slut or bitch. It's a feminine noun in the language. Always remember to capitalize nouns! Über or Unter can be used as a prefix.
Joe: "She is a Schlampe."
Scott: "No, she is an Überschlampe!"
by Fledermaus187 January 31, 2005
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pronounced shlampa, it means slut in German
German dude 1. Sie ist ein Schlampe?
German dude 2. Oh ja, Große Zeit
by Greasy Dicc March 20, 2018
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A woman who flaunts her self.
Jodie : Sabina you're such a SCHLAMPE!
Sabina: I get it from you my SCHLAMPE!
by jodilicious September 11, 2009
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To schlamp someone: this is some where in between a slap and a punch (also known as to "lamp"). this is where the fist grazes across the face/ body part.
Stop poking me or I'll schlamp you!
by Joobe October 25, 2007
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German for "bitch please". Something you can say around your parents or other non-German speaking people to generally piss them off.
Mom: You have to do your homework NOW.
Kid: "Schlampe bitte!"
by Irish89 November 25, 2007
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Schlampe Wagen or Slut Wagon is a term that describes a permiscious young lady. She gets around fucks a lot of dudes and may carry things as a wagon does STD's.
Bro did you sleep with that Schlampe Wagen last night?
No, she's got the herpes
by Brochacho6969 April 29, 2011
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