The much too stereotyped way of style. Many like to call "scene kids" rude and arrogant, but scene is simply a matter of clothing style and whatever you wear doesn't make you whatever the hell you are.

Scene style often consists of bright colors, funky & unique wardrobe (it honestly doesn't matter what the hell you think of the STEREOTYPED scene kid, their style is unique no matter what you think about "them"), vintage/band tees, and for the girls' scene style, Hello Kitty and other cute things like that.

Scene kids are douchebags.
Stop stereotyping them; you probably have never even met a scene kid and got this from some person on the internet.
"I love the scene style with all the colors and unique wardrobe!"
by LynneTheKoala June 30, 2009
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This is just to shorten the long definitions like #2. basically...ITS JUST A BUNCH OF EMO PEOPLE that dress up as idiots and who try to be "different" from others when they're not because they're pretty much copying all these other "scene" people which doesn't make them different. ANNND...they mest up the whole punk thing and got it all sad and retarded.
and guys who wear tight ass jeans that cut the circulation off their balls.
I'm so scene.
blah blah blah.
im gonna cut myself.
im sad.
no im not emo just because i dress this way dammit.
by erase your face February 08, 2008
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Little girls usually in high school, going through a phase where they wear tacky clothes and "think" they are very dark and emotional, extremely similar to emo. They wear skin tight band shirts with emo bands on them, tight jeans, nasty ballerina slippers without socks, "hello kitty" bows in their hair. Choppy, trashy, greasy looking hair that usually resembles the emo girl haircuts. They have severe obsessions with whiny emo band vocalists and Twilight. Every time they see a pale, skinny guy, they have joygasms and think they have found their soulmate.
Look at that little scene girl over there crying in the corner. i bet she saw a pale skinny guy and thought her life would be complete. I guess he saw the cuts on her wrist and ran away from her.
by Theonewithoutaname April 23, 2011
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noun: A loosely associated social group. While 'scene' people are often at the same places due to similar interests, they are not necessarily all friends, and many know each other in only a cursory manner. A scene is often associated only by a fashion, attitude, or musical taste, or other characteristic which brings all the people together to the same place. Musical scenes are probably the most common, and many people use the word 'scene' to refer only to a musical scene.

verb: A word describing someone in an area who is involved in a local scene (noun) or something associated with that scene. Typically people who are considered 'scene' are associated with certain fashions, attitudes, and musical tastes associated with the larger social group, without actually being friends with everybody in that group.

Scene, in both the verb and noun senses, differs in meaning to people from different areas, as each area is unique in the scenes that it cultivates. However, local scenes can also be part of larger scenes which exist in multiple locations. Scene is also often used in a pejorative manner, although not always.
"Let's just go see a movie instead of going to that rock show. I'm sick of that scene right now."

"Check out those glasses; they're not even nice. She's just trying to be scene."

"Yeah, a new clothing store opened up on 4th. The clothes are very scene."
by vheissu February 27, 2009
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Primarily used in the world of football/soccer when an event occurs that causes the attending audience to absolutely lose their god damn minds.
via giphy
by captainbone June 22, 2018
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First of all I would like to just point out that there IS a difference between scene and emo. All of the definitions make fun of scene people and are completely irrelevant opinions of judgmental assholes. So what if scene girls have choppy hair that covers up their face. IT IS HAIR. It does not matter. So what if they have face piercings, tattoos, or gauges. If that is how they want to look then let them. It is THEIR appearance and it doesn't matter what you think about it. Yes, typically boys might wear skinny jeans. IT IS PANTS. Why do you care what kind of pants they wear? Maybe they take a lot of selfies. So do a lot of other people in the world, including people who aren't scene. Maybe they take those selfies using a bathroom mirror. So does every fucking body else in the world. All scene kids aren't bitchy and self-centered. Yes. There are people who pretend to be scene and act like complete bitches who don't give a fuck about anything. People who talk like 'thugs' because they think they sound cool. Those people are called posers. And you have every right to bash out on them but not scene people. All I'm saying is so the fuck what if people dress a certain way, listen to a certain type of music, ect. ITS WHAT THEY WANT. SO. THE. FUCK. WHAT.
Fake ass scene people: Omfgg my hair looked totally sex when i went to da mall earlier homie. I prolly looked so cute becuz dis boi was starin me down

REAL scene people:normal people who dress differently and listen to different music than most other people but are human beings no different from you and me
by rainbowkitty April 14, 2014
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1. Noun. A negotiated BDSM activity with one or more other people.
2. Verb. To engage in a negotiated BDSM activity with one or more other people.(scened, sceneing)
Lady Jane: Would you like to do a medical scene with me?
Submissive Tom: No thank you, Mistress. I scened with Miss Harlot yesterday, and sceneing with her leaves me bruised for days.
by The Kinky Bruin July 21, 2014
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