A new fashion scene that involves unisex clothing, ridiculous haircuts and a love for going to random spots in town to socialize. though not immediately obnoxious, scene kids tend to spend there time squealing, getting drunk, hugging each other and being above all else....boring. They often have a tendency to act like very small children who discovered sex and drugs when they were 3. over all a sort of grotesque and disgusting crowd that will have you getting tested for stds, hating anything that involves little kids toys and television show, hating all sorts of crunkxcore and hardcore music in general, and wanting to take a shower and never get a nasty ass haircut like that in you life.
Dude: Hey whats up?
Scene girl: omg HUGZ! I LOV YOU BICH! omGomGomG!

(squeling continues for next 30 minutes)
Dude: so what are you guys doing?
Scene girl: um omg were getting a 40 and getting CRUNK
Dude: a 40? theres like 50 people here!
Scene girl: i KNOW its Gonna be so SEX! gonna get CRUUUNK!
Dude: fuck this im out
by diarheacancertoad November 08, 2009
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A "Scene" kid is someone who is emo, but not depressed and into cutting themselves. They DON'T call themselfs scene, or else their poser. A typical scene boy is like this:

Hair-Long, choppy, usually covoring their eye(s). Some add color to it, some dont, it's their choice.

Clothes-Slim-fit band tees, skate shirts, V-necks, skinny jeans, usually black or a dark blue, but sometimes they can be bright colored or even zebra striped. Hats are sometimes worn, but your hair still needs to be in your face, your considered a "Skater" Skate shoes and/or converse are good.

Music-Unlike the myth that they listen to screamo, thats not true. Yes many of them do, but alot listen to "Techno Screamo" and some listen to rock bands like Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin.

A typical scene girl is like this:

Hair-Long, obviously, not many girls have short hair. It's normally colored, and teased, aka poofy. They add bright colored headbands to their outfits too.

Clothes-Same as a guy, excpet they'll wear cute shirts like a "Whats your beef" shirt with a plate of food with faces on it. They also wear skirts, and flats as well as converse and skate shoes.

Music-Same as a guy
John-Look at those fags over there!

Joe-Their not fags, their scene, cant you see their tight clothes?

John-Still fags to me!!
by MikeyyyMassacureee January 22, 2010
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if you want to be scene like me follow this simple steps

get some layers in your hair
tease spike or screw it up to stand out
get some awesome colors in your hair like blue pink green etc..
ware skinny jeans any color from white/black to pink and blue
wear vans convers (really in my opiniun you can wear any shoes you want exsept flipflops)
get some rad shirts..hello kitty, care bears, glommy bear pokemon, packman ,hearts ,skulls,dimonds,etc...
random sayings
love robots and dinosors hello kitty

scene is fun uniqe your own style
by jessi jes September 28, 2009
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99% is a freshman or a 12 year old girl who has many piercings, who cutts their wrist, and uses annoying internet talk.

Depressed and mopey most of the time, they open make their names on Facebook things like "Crystal" and "Amethyst" or some weird mysterious shit.
Also known as a "Skittle-Head" because Scenes usually dye their hair neon yellow, hot pink, teal, green, neon purple or anything else "SUPER QUIRKY!"
Exhibit B: Jacob just broke up with me. My life is ruined. I'm so depressed.
Most Scenes use Facebook as an alternative for complaining about their life.
When a Scene posts something like "So sad, terrible day." online, they wait for their prey to comment saying "Oh! What's wrong honey?" just so they can ignore them, thus succeeding what we call, "attention whoring."
Ashley dyed her hair again, now she's a platinum green-blue-orange-hombre. What a scene girl!
by Al Real June 14, 2015
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1- Scene kid. Someone with backcombed, puffy hair in bright colours, pastels, white or black, often with a lip or nose piercing, who wears Blood On The Dance Floor band merch
2- A BDSM scene. This is when a Dom and Sub have sex however they enjoy it. A subdrop may be experienced my the Sub post-scene, and the Sub may go into their subspace during a scene.
1- "That girl's such a scene kid"

- "I look so scene to day, fucking hell"
2- "How was the scene for you, kitten?"
by forgiveandregrert July 23, 2015
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Basically a "Scene" is someone that has long choppy multi-colored hair w/side bangs, Wheres uber tight skinny jeans, dresses kinda 80's w/bright colors, listens to most music EXEPT COUNTRY, likes some type of cartoon//comic caracter &&& is odsessed with some type of animal rights snuff, photography or other artistic things, or making up words //.o

most inportantly... they create there own stye... so dont get caught copying it er they'll kill you.

Scene Boy:; Dannng Nigz, yo hair looks lyk dahh bizz-nitchh

by andiXXXroo June 06, 2009
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Okay, so, apparently, being scene is;
• You wear trashy make up (usually female)
• You take millions of pictures that you upload onto the coolest new social networking site
• You dye your hair crazy colors
• You style your hair crazily
• You wear uber tight pants
• You 'want to be different' even though 'you're exactly the same'.
• You wear band tee's for bands you don't even know so you'll look like you like non-mainstream bands
• You suddenly become bisexual
• You're interesting in dinosaurs and ponies and glitter
• You're a slut (male or female)
• You're 'straight-edge' or
- You're a hardcore drug addict.

You all are idiots.
Keep believing what the media tells you like the good little sheep you are, but you'll eventually see how most of the crap they call 'stereotypes' about people who aren't complete media-conformists are just that; complete and utter CRAP.
Wow! That guy has tight pants on, and crazy scene hair! He must be homosexual!
by PaxiPeanut April 26, 2011
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