A Japanese, trendier version of the GAP. It mainly provides stylish basics, with emphasis on a person's 'unique' interpretation of the clothing: layering, mixing colors and textures, rather than a preset style. it has awesome tee-shirts designed by artists from around the world, and some of the most affordable and luxurious cashmere around.
There's only one Uniqlo in the States, but hundreds in Japan; lucky I live in New York!
by EugeneG December 20, 2008
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A Japanese clothes store romanized as Uniqlo, but in Japanese it is ユニクロ.
Uniqlo stores are abundant in Japan.
by Haapsalu April 12, 2018
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The only place in the world to sell socks that cost more than those large LEGO sets from Toys R Us.
A place where a full set of clothes cost over $1000.
If you’re wondering, with $1000 you can buy:
10 big LEGO sets from Toys R Us
20 microwaves from Myer
500 pairs of socks from Kmart
A PlayStation 4 and an Xbox One with $300 to spare
An IPhone X
Stop wasting your money on $200 socks at Uniqlo and get $2 socks at Kmart you fucking moron!
by Shrek the god October 3, 2018
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get together with a 99% chance of having sex
Hi Susan do you want to meet at Uniqlo a bit latter
by CatFishFrog July 17, 2015
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