A fat and ugly kid who usually wears tight clothes that are bright colored and a muffin top.
the fat cow was scene neonmake up and whit eyeliner with icky blonde hair wih green stripes
by mooo cow August 18, 2009
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On Urban Dictionary people like to say scene people are usually black, there are none of them round my end they would get cussed off, but if they are black they must be on white people endz, and bruvvv they can stay there.
I hope no-one finds this offesive.....paaaaaaaa!!!! lol
Scene Chix Can Stay Off South West Endz Bludd, This Is For Their Own Good cos, bullet bullet!!
by february chick January 17, 2008
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Scene kids are those kids who abbreviate EVERYTHING like this
(that means i'm going to the mall later, you coming?)
i guess scene is lazy.
Scene kids wear those REALLY right rainbow colors and have REALLY tight clothing.(: mmmm(;
Scene kids wear those pretty hair extentions with lepard patterns on them
they have BRIGHT colorful hair
and listen to the screamo music <3
yeah i fit into that group O.o
scene kids scene kids hated by few and loved by alot
can't swollow me but you do it slowly like a mother f*cking beeeeeep.(:
by Olivedinorawr August 18, 2011
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