To purposefully ignore someone whilst fiddling with your scarf, so that they cannot try and take your arm or come near you or even make conversation ..... and so giving them the cold shoulder.
Hey, did you hear how Prince William totally scarfed Duchess Meghan on the way out of church on Christmas Day? Wow - he looked so cool - he will one day be a formidable king!
by celt man December 31, 2019
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When you wear a butt naked white girl around your neck because she's stupid enough to let you.
by Betterman725 May 11, 2015
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Past tense of to pig out or 'down' food really fast and hastily.
His plate is empty, he must to have scarfed his food down.
by samiam6977 January 17, 2009
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Tying a scarf or other piece of material around the neck during masturbation to abstruct blood flow to the head, and increase the pleasure at climax.
Brian: If I want to experience the joys of scarfing, what the hell business is it of yours?!
Michael: It's my business cause I'm the one that will get the call from the the god damn cleaning lady who finds you hanging from the rafters with a fucking boner!
by cuethepulsetobegin June 1, 2007
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To pig out or 'down' food really fast and hastily.
I scarfed down the burger.
by j-dog December 13, 2003
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To eat quickly and with complete disregard of grace and social etiquette.

Word Origin: In the Shakespearian era, the first ever eating contest took place. What led to the eating contest is unknown; however, it has been noted that William Shakespeare attended and remarked "In sooth, I hope these wily contestants do not ingest their cravats."

Also derived from this incident was the word craving.
Johnny: Scarf those crepes down Jesus!

Jesus: I've been craving crepes continuously for centuries since my conception.
by Larry Brains December 1, 2007
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A nice fuzzy garment wrapped around the neck to keep you warm in the winter.
My grandma knitted me this ugly ass scarf for christmas. God damn.
by Mirar April 15, 2004
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