Some Guy who is as hot or nearly as hot as Prince William
Look at the guy he is so Prince William
by Mandi April 12, 2005
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An ugly balding male that gets to shag hot women because of his status in society. (See also Ugly Banker or Seth Rogan)
"Oh my God!, look at that hot chick with the Prince William, I bet when she's fucking him she's thinking of jewelry, shoes and handbags!"
by RoyalJelly March 08, 2010
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Similar in idea to a Prince Albert, but where the skin on the Scrotum is pierced with a small ring. A tiny bell is typically suspended from the ring. It is unknown why this is took this name.
Not only was he sporting a Prince Albert, but he also had a Prince William. And he loved to show them off, much to our dismay.
by DaddyM January 04, 2006
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A bald jealous ogre who will sleep with anything in skirts. Jealous of everything his younger brother has and would rather throw him under the boss to cover up his own errors and missteps. A racist with a token black friend. A hypocrite that just talks without working. Husband to a bimbo.
My boss is a Prince William. He can't stand the thr fact that a black wiman outshines him
by Wiser than wise August 22, 2021
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One of giant kinds most evil and ugly and rouge sons. He is in line to be King of England and when that day comes, he will free his Giant kin from the mountains and they will try to take over the world, along with his brothers Nazi clan.
(Ground Shaking) "Oh no! I think the giant Prince William and his Giant Nazi brother are coming! Run for it!"
by Meghan D April 16, 2007
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30 miles from D.C. Per capita income is $35,000 USD. At 40% Caucasian, 30% Hispanic, 22% African American, and 8% Asian; it is the most racially and socioeconomically diverse area in Northern Virginia. Rich neighborhoods like Dominion Valley, the Riding Club, Saranac, Virginia Oaks, Tullemore Estates, and Lake Manassas. Still mostly middle class. The Public School System in PWC is one of the best. Way less rich than the rest of Nova. Low income neighborhoods include Georgetown South, Coverstone, Irongate, and Westgate (manassas); Dale Forest, (F,G,H,K neighborhoods) in dale city; and East of i95. These neighborhoods are about 70% hispanic, 20% black and 10% white with 700sqft row houses/condos fitting ten people per unit. gangs are in these parts. MS13 alone has 1.5K members, Sureños X3 have 1K; and they control the area's human trafficking, prostitution, heroin, and PCP thru violence. The black gangs push coke, meth, Molly and pills into county. 202SQAD/Southside Boys are notorious. Drugs everywhere. Thousands smoking crack, shooting dope, robbing and jumping, sleeping under bridges, dying like the plague. Schools have memorial gardens for endless losses. There was a drug war in Prince William County from 2015-2016 where 42 people under the age of 25 were murdered over money, territory, and snitching. 3 federal operations in 2.5 years sent hundreds away. Weird place.
Prince William county: a mixing pot of rich spoiled brats, military brats with commuter parents, legal migrants from Guatemala and El Salvador, migrants from Vietnam and China, massive pockets or illegal immigration and criminal networks, the working class, and drug addicts.
by Da_A_Train August 22, 2018
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