A man of high profile, who comes from extreme wealth, as a Prince. But is insufferably pathetic.

1. Nothing is ever good enough for a Prince William, not even his wife. So in addition to being a malcontent ingrate he also suffers from a wandering eye and a wandering dick.
2. Very egocentric. A Prince William is someone who believes he is the centre of the universe, and as such, he believes that everyone should lick the crack of his ass in order to please him. If you’re not constantly rimming his arsehole, he will see you as an enemy.
3. One who betrays his own brother. A Prince William is someone who sees his family as a means to an end and if they cannot be used to his favour, then there is no use for them. He is a modern day Cain, and would rather see his own brother dead and in his grave, than doing better than himself.
4. One who has children outside of his marriage.
5. A man who laughs at his own wife when he sees her fail at doing something.
6. One who thinks other people should sacrifice their own happiness for his sake. He won’t be pleased if you choose your own happiness over keeping him content.
1. Word around town is that Amy’s husband has a community peen. Y’know kinda like Prince William.

Damn! Does that mean that he has kids on the side too?

2. Why can’t you just be happy for me for once in your life? You’re being a real Prince William right now. It’s like you don’t want to see me doing well for myself.

3. If you bring a Prince William home, I hope you’re prepared for him to fuck all your friends. You know that man can’t keep it in his pants.
by FuckOffYouCunt November 27, 2021
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30 miles from D.C. Per capita income is $35,000 USD. At 40% Caucasian, 30% Hispanic, 22% African American, and 8% Asian; it is the most racially and socioeconomically diverse area in Northern Virginia. Rich neighborhoods like Dominion Valley, the Riding Club, Saranac, Virginia Oaks, Tullemore Estates, and Lake Manassas. Still mostly middle class. The Public School System in PWC is one of the best. Way less rich than the rest of Nova. Low income neighborhoods include Georgetown South, Coverstone, Irongate, and Westgate (manassas); Dale Forest, (F,G,H,K neighborhoods) in dale city; and East of i95. These neighborhoods are about 70% hispanic, 20% black and 10% white with 700sqft row houses/condos fitting ten people per unit. gangs are in these parts. MS13 alone has 1.5K members, Sureños X3 have 1K; and they control the area's human trafficking, prostitution, heroin, and PCP thru violence. The black gangs push coke, meth, Molly and pills into county. 202SQAD/Southside Boys are notorious. Drugs everywhere. Thousands smoking crack, shooting dope, robbing and jumping, sleeping under bridges, dying like the plague. Schools have memorial gardens for endless losses. There was a drug war in Prince William County from 2015-2016 where 42 people under the age of 25 were murdered over money, territory, and snitching. 3 federal operations in 2.5 years sent hundreds away. Weird place.
Prince William county: a mixing pot of rich spoiled brats, military brats with commuter parents, legal migrants from Guatemala and El Salvador, migrants from Vietnam and China, massive pockets or illegal immigration and criminal networks, the working class, and drug addicts.
by Da_A_Train August 23, 2018
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ahh prince william school is the simple definition of absolute shit. It is known for its wank offsted report and no child should attend there. Teachers who work there deserve to be stabbed because they cannot teach. Students who do attend most likely think they are either a) smart asf and go to the best school ever but really they just have autism

b) living on a council estate in oundle or thrapston and think they are road asf and from the endz because they smoke fags and weed

c) a group of girls and boys in each year who think they are better then anyone else and do think they are hard having a piss up every friday tryna act and look like they are 18 but in reality they are tramps who go to bloody prince william lmao.

no one should attend or go within 10 foot of this trampy place, you will probably catch aids.
lewis: "brev (whilst lighting a fag found on the floor) i go prince william school."
dan: "ugh, thats dirty, who would wanna go to that school. dont speak to me, we ent mates no more!"
by riley_1 May 29, 2018
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A bitch ass county in Northern Virginia that cancels school for any reason they can make up
Dude school is canceled again for the fuckin rain

What county are you even in

Prince William county
by Sb124 March 16, 2016
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A place to learn
A place to get help
A place to suffer
Prince William school is shit and no one is helping me learn so i suffer
by HannahHav3n April 17, 2023
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Prince William: One frigid ass bitch play act, with a HUGE BONER for Mark Tremonti.
That frigid DUNCE is a Prince William. Put him in the corner of the room and tell him and his boyfriend to learn their ABCs under a full moon unlike Harry Potter’s’ moon.
by Nelly's On Fire October 4, 2020
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