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The scaredom is something that everyone who has experienced being severly hung over knows about. Upon waking up from a heavy night of the fire water and youre still drunk, probably laying next to a not so hot girl and realizing what a bad day lay ahead is just the beginning. You mope around the house all day and the only thing you can stomache is dry turkey sandwich and water. Right around 5 o'clock P.M. the scaredom rears its ugly head, its that ever so unsure feeling that youre life is worth a damn. You start qestioning your lifes decisions and vow to 'turn it around'. Your thoughts range from taking a vow of celebacy to visiting your grandmother more. You are experiencing your conscience yelling at you!!!
...if its real bad, and its on a Saturday night you definitely become a recluse for the next few days....
After a long night of drinking long islands and doing body shots off a C teamer, the scaredom hit me REAL hard and prompted me to start drinking again to scare away the scaredom
by Predator January 17, 2006
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The act of shitting bricks in extreme stress.
* mainly used in third person *

(being scared dipshit) >:D
1. jonny said in complete scaredom "HOLY SHIT!"

2. "Mom was startled with extreme scaredom"
by ThatsAWordNow May 04, 2013
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Noun. The state of being afraid. Sometimes perpetually so.
After having unprotected sex, Jon lived his life in scaredom until the test results came back.
by Excel November 14, 2003
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