when a hot female gives hot, steamy, deep blow jobs (like an ugly female who is just happy to get some)
I haven't had such ugly head since that hot Brazilian model on the beach.
by Tamer Ibrahim October 22, 2007
For something (usually not a physical object) to be brought up; usually in conversation or the acts of a superior.
The subject of the war in Iraq reared its ugly head again.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 14, 2004
dirty, smelly, and just plain old ugly man. Has a small penis as well. Generally enjoys taking poops in urinals.
by Adrian Manghisi November 22, 2002
A commonly misused phrase.

- Someone so ugly, that at the sight of them, you want to shove their head up their rear-end to prevent you from being sick.
Bloody hell! Look at the state of Brendan's face. We should definitely rear it's ugly head...
by IndieG-Boy April 18, 2020