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A scalabrine is when a redhead white boy crosses up the most ghetto guy you have ever seen.
Did you see that {ginger} pull of that scalabrine on Shaquille?
by Leedel leedel leedel leedel December 05, 2016
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Current Boston Celtic basketball legend. Known for making key 3-pointers in clutch moments (Best 3 in the leauge). Also known for his firm defence, which is known to have shut down even the likes of Dwane Wade. He can also throw down what is known as the NBA's greatest two handed slam dunk. Scal, as he is sometimes called, rarely plays any minutes, due to the fact that his awesome presence stuns the opponent and guarentees a win. One may shout his name in a declarance of his dominance.
"I'm beasting you like Scal!"

"Kid, don't make me Scalabrine yo ass!"
by Sausage cj January 26, 2009
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Scalabrine is mainly used as a noun, he is a talented, pick setting and inbounding forward for the Boston celtics. he hais flagrantly red hair to complement his basketball skills. If someone is a Scalabrine they are a true baller. Something can be Scalabrine if they exhibit any or all of these qualities.
Scalabrine made that play happen with that pick.

Stop trying to act like a Scalabrine, nobody has trouble defending you and you suck at basketball

That dude it wicked Scalabrine, he has the balance required to be an ultimate baller,

Dude, lets get Scalabrine with those chicks, they are looking for real men.
by Chris Hoffmann November 17, 2006
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