Dwane (noun)

Refers a person that exhibits a profound sense of humor accompanied by amazing intelligence complemented by an outrageous sex appeal.

A Dwane is the best person you have ever met or will ever meet. Plain and simple a Dwane is just better than you are.
The party was boring until Dwane arrived.

Dwane is one funny mofo fo sho and is extremely hot, I wish I could date a Dwane.
by DG1680 February 4, 2010
He is short with a bad boy attitude side smile very charming and charismatic. He always gets the lady's because no one can pull off that kind of confidence and still be so gentle very indecisive enjoys his own time will always try be there for you depending on the personality that day.
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd July 18, 2020
A man who has a massive package amazing in bed but sex won't last all night more like 20 mins. BUT BELIEVE ME you won't be able to go longer cause he is a pussy pounding champ who can tame any cat he crosses. Beautiful women can't resist him because when a dwane wakes up he pisses excellence. He is an amazing guy who is nice and sweet but will beat it up like a bad boy should that's why he is in high demand and any girl that lands a dwane needs to let him roam or he might leave because he likes variety and his job is to please all beautiful women, cause there men can't. If you love your girl keep her away from dwane cause she will trade you in.
Mr steal your gurl is who he is and dwane has a big heart but and even bigger tool!!!!!!!
by sarah2234789 November 20, 2010
A Twitch streamer known for surviving the Sandy Hook Shooting and is now one of the higher ups a group known as Antifa though is now somewhat inactive and is also Tied to the KKK. He is now mostly giving racist speeches directed towards the African Americans (He calls them "Stinky TriHards")
Bathrobe Dwane is a stinky TriHard
by TriHardReed August 22, 2019
A Twitch streamer from Daytona Beach, Florida who favors WoW and Runescape. He also suffers from a receding hairline.
Hey, did you watch Bathrobe Dwane last night? Resident sleeper.
by IAmNotABotIPromise February 25, 2019
A live streamer that’s soul purpose is to play racist songs and act like they are not racist and benefit from that. The streamer makes money by acting silly when a racist song plays as well as creating emotes that can be used in a racist way. These type of streamers also have a bad hairline and typically play old school runescape.
Did you see bathrobe dwane streaming today? He made another $50 off playing those racist songs
by ScrubMyDaughtersDick June 10, 2018
Mumford and Sons vocalist, string bassist, drummer, guitarist. Known for his unusually deep voice, dapper wardrobe and his love for peanut butter. Definitely under-appreciated.
*Listening to Mumford and Sons*

Person 1: That guy is an epic bassist.
Person 2: Yeah that's Ted Dwane!
Person 1: Doesn't he like peanut butter?
by WingustheDingus September 10, 2011