n. An individual who will do anything for anyone, no matter the cost to him. A beautiful person who loves fully, and loves everyone. His priorities are easily misplaced and he can be easily manipulated, but underneath it all he has a very pure core. Perceptive eyes set in a baby-ish face, bringing out the maternal nature of female companions. Very musically oriented and loyal to those he loves.
He is such a wonderful guy. His name must be Sawyer!

Guy #1: Did you hear about Sawyer getting arrested?
Guy #2: Yeah. He let everyone else run, he took the heat for it.
by RogueLaranja February 15, 2010
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Sawyer is soo sexy he is like outdoorsy and just the best. He is manly as shit but super nice and sensitive but don't get me wrong you mess with his friends your toast on a pancake! He is an actor and is very chill with people he beams happiness where ever he goes he is the best
Sawyer is the bomb.com
by thebigbigband March 16, 2015
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The most badass person you'll ever meet and he will fuck your bitch so fast you won't even know that he was in your bed
by bartholemewl January 02, 2017
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Sawyer is a freaking monster among men who is a beast at all sports, especially baseball and football. Sawyer is also funny and awesome
Hey, did you see that sawyer over there?
Friend- yeah he's awesome!
by Billybobneck April 24, 2016
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someone who is hot, sensual, sexy, and smart. Dark and mysterious, always good in bed. He IS the sex!
I want to jump on that Sawyer!
by Janesays February 02, 2010
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The hottest man anyone has ever seen adds on to the beautiful muscularity of this buff man
by Sawyer Verb August 02, 2017
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Is the wierdest kid i know. Hes awesome. and hilarious. but just random and has his own personality. He's fucking sexy!!Hes my bestfran and i love him to fucking death!
You wish You were as cool as him.(:
Sawyer is awesome(:
duh. no explanation nessecary
by sawyerlover(: April 10, 2009
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