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A band with 3 boys name ''Adam, Jack, and Ryan" They are not as popular as they should be but some of the most popular songs are "Weak" "I'm Not Famous" and ''I'm Ready"
AJR is sooo underrated

I've been listening to AJR since I was 8

written by ajrsmileys on insta lol
by LittyLittleRoxy April 20, 2018
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A.J.R is an acronym for Anal Jew Rape. Closely related to going Buck Wild on someones ass, it can be used to describe a brutal way you fight, clean, cook, etc.
Dubby: I just A.J.R'd the shit out of that kid.

D Peezy: Let's go tag-team A.J.R this table.

Saul Rosenberg: Oh good gawd, I'm so soar from the A.J.R those guys put on me.
by BabyDubbs July 28, 2011
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