A band with 3 boys name ''Adam, Jack, and Ryan" They are not as popular as they should be but some of the most popular songs are "Weak" "I'm Not Famous" and ''I'm Ready"
AJR is sooo underrated

I've been listening to AJR since I was 8

written by ajrsmileys on insta lol
by LittyLittleRoxy November 27, 2017
AJR is a great band that you should listen to. Formed in 2005 by 3 brothers from New York City called Adam, Jack and Ryan , the 3 brothers started their music career by street performing in Washington Square Park in NYC and made 2 or 3 albums that are now deleted to the public before I'm Ready came out in 2013. After I'm Ready came out AJR has had a few other popular songs like Weak and Bang and which made it into the Top 10 songs on Billboard and have sold out world tours and a virtual concert as well. AJR has made 3 albums called Living Room, The Click (there is a deluxe edition of The Click as well), and Neotheater and are coming out with a 4th album called OK Orchestra on March 26th. Their latest single is Way Less Sad and is most likely the last song they release before Ok Orchestra comes out.
Are you excited for the new AJR album , OK Orchestra because I am.
by Fan of AJR February 24, 2021
An Underrated Band Who Deserve To Be Reconised.
Person: Who is AJR?
Me: Trust me, you will love it.

*after 3 days*
Me: told ya youll like it.
by JustARandomScout September 9, 2017
music that gay people enjoy
can be enjoyed by straights but not as often.
person 1: hey do you listen to ajr?
person 2: yeah
person 1: you're gay
person 2: yeah
by gay ajr listener October 26, 2022
the best musical group ever created
guy1: do u know ajr
guy2: yeah they are great
guy1: fr bro
by ilockkidsinmybasement December 20, 2022
Makes you consider his sexuality after he fondles you multiple times in an hour
Nevertheless, loyal and caring to his hood, otherwise doesn't care for outsiders, like a true Alpha
But still, the fondling is weird
Guy accepted into the hood: He ajr'd me...?
Me: First time?
by AnonymousIThink May 12, 2022