verb: absolute, total, unrepentant, unrelenting attraction to the best looking Southern bad boy you have ever seen, the one your mamma told you about, the one who is so freakin wrong but so freakin right, the guy around which you have no brain, a complete loss of the capacity to think in full sentences involving prepositions or pronouns or even dangling modifiers.

verb: a brain turned to gelatinous goo by a hot southern bad boy
I was at the Cowboy Bar last night and got all Sawyered over Billy Joe Bob's cousin.

Jenny got all Sawyered on Billy Joe Bob's cousin.

by elev8me November 13, 2006
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Sawyers are very good at work. They are very funny beings and will always make you laugh. She is always kind and always wants to have a good time with a certain Aries ;)
Sawyer is rly guud at drawing
by DictionariumAquarium.com November 19, 2019
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1. A character from the TV show LOST. Originally James Ford from Tennessee, the guy's quite complex. When he was a young boy, his dad caught his mom cheating on him with some guy named Sawyer. His dad killed his mom and then himself leaving little James an angry orphan. His mind set on revenge, James wrote a letter to Mr. Sawyer, telling him how he was going to kill him and carrying it with him always. But as he got older, he started conning people and before he knew it, James was no better than the man who was responsible for his parent's deaths. With this revelation came an unprecedented amount of self-loathing from the man. He changed his name to Sawyer and embraced the inner asshole. Sawyer tries to mask his insecurities with southern charm and forced confidence, coming off as a bully most of the time, but at certain moments he shows that he too, is human and feels pain just the same as everybody else. Played by the talented Josh Holloay.

2. The best damn character on TV today.
LOST fanatic1: "OMGILOVELOST! Who's your favorite character? Mine's Kate."
LOST fanatic2: "Psh, Kate can die. Sawyer owns all."
by hello im apathy June 23, 2005
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A very pretty young lady, who is extremely sensitive, but is not shy. She loves to have fun! She cares about her friends and family. Wants to please everyone, and becomes friends with everyone, to make them happy. A very good friend that is extremely supportive. All the boys holler when they see Sawyer walking down the street! ;) She will give you awesome time! She has a awesome body!!
She's so nice and pretty, she must be a Sawyer!
by Friend Is Awesome! October 20, 2010
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A dependable, reliable lady who you can hang out with and talk to freely.
What a sawyer! I'd love to take her camping.

She may be a sawyer by day, but she sure looks great in a skirt!
by ParchÞeSkald October 04, 2014
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a tall, cute, nice guy, who has beautiful blue eyes and has already banged every girl you know atleast twice, and if you try to fight him, you’re GONE!!

He’s also a Football Beast, and a Gaming God!
Kid: did you see that Sawyer?
Other Kid:: Yea he’s fucking amazing
by SawyerS_ October 31, 2019
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