sawyer is the best in bed the most badass guy you ever seen but he is the hottest guy ever all the girls love him and he is the best in bed and he's got a huge dick
wow look at sawyer all the girls are on him
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Sawyer is a girl who is not normally seen for who she really is. She is someone who is put down constantly but pushes forward in her own way. If she falls she gets up and tries some more. She is exotic and random. Her lifestyle is an oddity in itself. Her friendships will last if she decides they will. When she wants something she tries he hardest to make it happen. She is a person who needs her friends and people to support her. She is also a person who will make you laugh constantly! Sawyers are very sexy and smart.
Damn she must be a Sawyer
by ShayShayRian June 27, 2012
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Sawyer is my guy. You wanna be a sawyer if your not one already. This guy is the bomb.com and even owns a establishment. He is large and in charge. But there are some problems with this sawyer fellow. First of all he doesn't know how to rotate on ms paint. And he has a fortnite addiction which is really affecting his grades. He is beaten by his dad everyday for playing this game called fortnite. He also plays Roblox and his username is Fortnitegamer5000. There are some goods things about this fellow Sawyer as well. He does watch Icarly on a daily basis which is a great show. He also knows that 6 is a number which is a great thing btw. But overall he is just that one kid that plays coolmath games at the back of class and gets upset whenever you say and I quote "Hey sawyer are you drinking pepe juice lololololol".
Someone who is addicted to fortnite is a Sawyer
Someone who plays Roblox is a Sawyer
A rebel is sometimes called a Sawyer
by Alex_Stotler March 13, 2019
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to get crazy sexual wild or crunk in a large group of people
can also be used as a term to mosh on unsuspecting people
"Yo man look at that group of ladies, lets sawyer that shit!'
by gtar4lizzife123 April 14, 2008
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A really pretty, athletic, sweet girl. Normally brunette. She is good with computers and plays a lot of video games. Boys can’t help falling in love with her. She can normally rap well and she loves music!
“Sawyer is the cutest
by LowkeyLemons March 22, 2018
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Sawyer is a loving, caring ,sexy guy he is nice and is really outdoorsy Sawyer can love u no matter what’s wrong
Are u friends with Sawyer

Yeh isnt everybody
by SOY_BOI!!! September 21, 2019
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