Saro's are the most loyal, loving, generous, and kind-hearted people you will ever meet. Saro's will make a woman feel so special, and will care for her with everything that he has. He will devote all his free time for her, and will cherish his woman always. He puts other people's needs above his own, always. Saro's love tradition, but are also very modern and love trying new things. Family values are very important to Saro. Saro's know that family always comes first, and they will demonstrate that every day through their actions.

Saro's are charming and are very handsome -- so if you have a Saro, you better get used to girls swooning over him. But, you never have to doubt his loyalty for you - he will not be tempted.

Saro's make a great son, great friend, and most importantly great life partners. If you find a Saro, you should never take him for granted. You are extremely lucky, so don't take it lightly.
Saro is such a loyal friend... he always has my back, man.

Saro is so attentive and caring. I want him to be by my side forever.

I love Saro.
by AnonymousArmenian February 5, 2019
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To be extremely sexy and having a large penis that every women wants to have.

An attractive armenian man.
Hey check out saro, the girls are all over him
by HAM SAM October 31, 2003
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To be Armenian
by jimbob November 6, 2002
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Noun: A guy over the age of 21 who deliberately wards off independence and adulthood by living at home with mommy and daddy in hopes of never having to grow up.
"I don't want to pull a Saro - then I'd be an asspipe."
by Bob21 May 2, 2006
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A man nobody likes, A fag and a fat assbedonker!!!! small penis!
"hey check out saro with his small penis!"
by BOB March 8, 2005
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extremely lameeee!! haha
Look at saro! hes is just... lameeee
by sweet tease May 1, 2005
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