Verb; to Sarge.
The act of engaging conversational rapport with a complete stranger.
Though tied to the seduction community as the official name for being "on the hunt," the term also applies in business and interpersonal relations, as the act of appearing as a socially versatile and competent person.

Credit to Ross Jeffries, who claims to have named the act after his cat.
in seduction:
"My wingman and I went sarging last night at club X."

"The goal in business is to sarge your coworkers as soon as you start working there. It's a quick way to appear competant!"
by Shertz August 25, 2006
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someone who excessively masturbates, to the point of genital damage
That balding geochemist in the lab across the bridge is a major Sarge
by DrSkeletor September 24, 2010
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Sarge - shortened of Sargent but means wanker.
There are two sarges in the military
massage and sausage, and if you massage the sausage, you're a wanker.

Calling a Sargent a sarge means calling him a wanker.
Recruit: Hey Sarge
Sargent: don't call me a wanker now get downn and give me 20 you twat
by ElonMusk607 September 10, 2018
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The act of going out for the explicit purpose of either
1) working on skills to attract the opposite sex; or
2) putting those skills to effect.
1) "Dude, my bro and I are going out sarging tonight at Club Xtreme. We need to work on reducing our approach anxiety."

2) "Dude, my bro and I are going sarging tonight at Club Xtreme. Hopefully I can use my acquired skills to pull an SHB11 after negging, out-alpha-ing AMOGs, establishing a jealousy plotline, doing a venue change, setting up a time bridge, bouncing to the seduction location and then overcoming last minute resistance. And maybe her hot roommate will come along for the ride."
by rapmasta November 24, 2006
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(Sarj'd) V. 1)Pwned, or otherwise Owned, usually in refrence to online games that are military in nature.

from the red team Sergeant in Red vs blue.
You just got Sarged! (pwned)
by pvtcaboose103 November 8, 2009
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Leader of the Red Team in the popular web series, Red vs Blue.
Sarge: Grif. We're going to die. I'm glad we get these last few moments to make amends. My only hope is that I die before you, so that I don't live through the horror of losing a man on the battlefield.

Grif: Yeah. I hope you die first too, Sarge.
by xXX_Sarge_XXx January 17, 2015
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A large shit, or a massive dump or stool.
Dude, after eating granola cereal for breakfast, I had to take a Sarge. It sure did stink!
by Mike Newing (Rutabaga) April 26, 2008
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