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The seduction community is a large group of men who have a specific interest in studying, practicing and discussing the principles of attracting women, although interests generally span the well-being of a man in all other aspects of life as well.

The community is composed of a loose hierarchy that is based on the knowledge, experience and success one has achieved with the opposite sex. A low rung member of the community is typically referred to as an AFC (average frustrated chump), while more experienced members are known as PUAs (pick up artists), the most esteemed of which have published books and provide live "workshops" in which men can attend, learn from and interact with extremely successful PUAs face to face.

The community was a result of a rising popularity in a niche of the self-help industry that had separated itself from the general relationship issues to focus more on the nature of the singles scene itself.

Although the industry today approaches the singles scene from both the male and female perspectives, it is also becoming highly commercialized, over-saturated and is teaming with material that should probably be avoided, or better yet, burned in a bonfire.

Mystery, Neil Strauss, David DeAngelo, Juggler and Ross Jeffries are often considered some of the most notable members of the seduction community.
by Judochop May 13, 2008
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A group of idiots who, while railing against men who submit to women, submit to women themselves by changing their personalities and acting like someone else just to get a whiff of their panties.
"The seduction community is the lowest form of life on earth."
by Expose83 September 26, 2009
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