a very sxey lady. wit a body thats damn near perfect. she can be very flirty. also is a bit of a freak (on da lo) did i mention shes hot
mercades shes a certified dime
by hoodrichgb August 18, 2008
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A contract killer dispatched to assassinate a double agent who betrayed spies.
Derives from Ramon Mercader, the KGB-hired Spanish communist who was sent to kill Leon Trotsky with an icepick in Mexico in 1940.
A Mercader has already been sent after him.
by KosherNostra November 13, 2010
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An enigma. She can't be put into a box. she has a timeless style with eyes that you can't help but get lost in. She has an energy unlike anything you've ever felt. The one down to earth girl you can just vibe with.
"Bro, this girl Mercadese, it's like... she's just that, you'll never meet someone like her."
by Dj-sick nasty November 23, 2021
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