The most amazing girl that you will ever come in contact with. She is the only girl that will ever be able to truly make you smile from the inside out. This girl has beautiful brown eyes, a perfect smile, and the most unique personality found in any girl in the world. She's made me the happiest guy in the world. I love her so much.
A: How are you and Sarah?

B: I've never been happier in my life than I am with her.
by acoustnickguitar August 31, 2011
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The most beautiful, amazing, smart, funny, cute, huggable, fun-loving, perfect, caring, angelic girl in the entire world. She stole my heart, and will always have my love. The only person who I can never let go of. My reason to be who I am. An angel, a dream, a piece of heaven, sunshine, all combined into one amazing person. My true definition of perfection. She is the sweetest girl I will ever know.

She is the love of my life.
Sarah.... (goes speechless and stunned) <3
by That_guy_with_silly_string February 19, 2013
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Sarah in Hebrew means: "princess". She is caring and is always putting others before herself. She is easy to talk to and approach, and understands all your problems. She's beautiful but not in a modern kind of way. She is classy, she has everything to flaunt but chooses not to show it. She's nice and won't judge you but if you insult her or her friends she will not be slow to react. She can have an extremely colourful language but tends to use sarcasm more than swearing. She's beautiful in her confidence. And loves to make new friends. She is generally smart, intelligent and wise. She acts older than her age. Boys love her but generally won't want to show it. But trust me fi you get the chance to ask her out take it. I'm so lucky to know her. I love you!! We all do...
Guy 1: Who's that chick that was in our class today. The new girl?

Guy2: That's Sarah. All the guys want her.

Guy1: Well I'll be damned if she doesn't say yes to me first! She's classy.
by I.Love.It.Wattpad2014 October 16, 2014
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Sarah is one the most common names used for females.
in which means sexy, beautiful,
sometimes can be referred to as a tease.
Everybody loves Sarah's.
Therefore, most Sarah can easily cause guys to have blue-balls.

So be careful.
ugh. Sarahhhhhh Do Me Harder!
by kayla michelle melton November 23, 2009
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Sarah is an amazing person. She has a great sense of humor and can make anyone laugh. Her laugh is extremely contagious. She is very athletic and is always wanting to have fun. She has tons of friends and loves them a lot. She has a big family, which means a lot to her. I love her!
Sarah is so funny!
I know, she can always turn my frown upside down!
by hiiimynameisbrookee October 28, 2012
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A girl that acts really crazy.
That girl is acting really crazy, she seems like a Sarah.
via giphy
by Anonymousweeaboo June 12, 2017
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Sarah is a truly unique trash bag. She practically has horns coming out of her head, but you won't see them at first. Be carful around Sarah, she isn't what she seems...
Whoa, you see Sarah?
Yea, she's a snake.
by cmspress January 22, 2018
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