Kala is the epitome of most things pure. A pure soul, a pure heart and above all, one who radiates pure love. A Kala is a being who serendipitously appeared and fucked everything up in the most beautiful way imaginable. Kala demonstrates knowledge, strength, passion and curiosity, which very quickly can raise the quality of those who interact with Kala. To put it all into one condensed context, Kala is a work of art, beautiful to look at, rewarding to touch, multifaceted, multi layered and simply beautiful.
Look at that Kala, isn’t it perfect?

Or; Kala, *sigh* I love Kala
by il tuo amore October 24, 2019
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a best friend who is always there for you but doesnt really have an opinion on things who everyone loves
wow i wish u were like kala
by woman December 4, 2004
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Is one of the sweetest and most beautiful women around. They are among the smartest of people. They often have very bright futures ahead of them. When it comes to their love life they are quite possibly the best of lovers. They care more than anyone about how their significant other is, and they will do anything to make sure that they are happy. Kala's are also very fashionable and are often hit on by lots of guys. They can be seen on college campuses or in the workplace with guys drooling all over them.
"I wish that my girlfriend was a Kala."

"Why can't everyone have a Kala like that??"
by Lablah5 February 3, 2010
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The most amazing and beautiful girl in the world, often associated with Matthew or Mathew as a gift from God but Kala is a a gift from God to a Mathew, the best, mother, friend, girlfriend, daughter, granddaughter, niece, and so much more, there's no limits to the abilities of Kala this person is truly special.
If the King hadn't taken her for granted his Queen Kala would have never left his side.
by Miller0897 January 12, 2017
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An awesome, hot, funny, beautiful, unique hella cool chick. shes extremely smart, a born leader and super charismatic shes a charmer and sometimes a flirt, and can get guys to fall in love with her without even trying. however, she never looks for a relationship. if she likes someone she keeps it to herself and wants to make sure its the real thing. however if you tell her you like her, she may start to get intereest if she already hasn't. she chooses friends carefully and its hard to get into her close cirlce of friends. once she considers you her friend youll be a super lucky person. she opens up easy but you have to ask and shell know if you care. shes an extremely interesting and unique person who doesnt care much what others think. she likes to please, but she makes sure shes pleasing herself along the way. overall, shes a dynamic, on the go, adventurous and creative being. she loves passionately and stands up for what she believes in.keep her close, gain her trust. if you dont keep it interesting or show her youre interested in her, shell lose interest. she likes new adventures and if she feels you arent fulfilling her expectations, she won't ditch you but you may lose her interest. you can always gain it back, though, because she never gave up on you. she has hope for people and looks at the good side of everything. the optimistic and ambitious Kala can be a challenge to keep up with sometimes but if she cares enough, shell slow down.
An really awesome girl
Kala will go very far in life! Apart from being ambitious, adventurous, and headstrong, she savors the small things and finds joy in spending quality time with her loved ones However, shes independent and likes space. She has pride and is confident in her abilities, and likes to help people.
by Loopy Lala September 8, 2017
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Vegetarian who doesn't understand proper english and says epic wayyyy too much. Kala changes her pfp at least 4 times a day
Hyaku: I wanna die
by Fingerguns8890ip June 26, 2019
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She's makes me feel warm.
I think that she could be the one for me.
Tirsa is kind,and hilarious and she doesn't know that everybody loves her.
She makes people feel safe and loved.
She's so beautiful and hot,I love her.I hope she knows.
Kala is the most incredible woman in earth.
by whoisthatcancerwoman November 23, 2021
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