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a sexy, smart, caring, loving and absolutely amazing girl who, no matter what time of the day and regardless of situation can be seen as perfect. Her smile can attract any guy, but furthermore any girl as well. No one can stop her once she smiles, and locks her enchanting brown eyes on you. Her healthy spirit and soul is reflected in all she does, and she can make any person want to relive again. Her friends and family long for her warm heart and can never get enough. Being with her is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She is capable of extreme destruction, when she leaves you… Her lips are nothing less than immaculate, capable of kissing to perfection. Her luscious lips can make anyone forget about the world around them, while your heart stops beating for seconds at a time, which feels like ages. Her voice is that of an angel that can touch your soul and renew your heart. Every time our eyes meet my heart skips a beat and I lose my breath. There are really no words to describe someone so perfect in every way, but with the limited vocabulary I Possess, this was a little taste of her being. I will marry her when I’m 50.
Sarah is the love of my life, and she may not love me back, but I will cherish every second I get to speak to her, hold her hand, kiss her lips, or share my body and soul with her.
by cdkey October 31, 2012
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