smoke a pile. to smoke some weed
"Yo, wanna sap after school?"
"sure, you got pitch?"
by walking pylon January 05, 2011
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SAP= (Stupid Ass Pussy)

In the streets of Singapore,Asia, one is reffered to as a SAP when one acts Stupid, an Ass, and a Pussy at the same time.

This slang was created by Japanese rapper Monkey King whilst recording his album, and has since spread all around the city to be used to refer to saps.
'man, just go talk to that girl, why you being such as a SAP about it?'

'you ain't gonna try and fight me, we all know you got alot of SAP in you'

'yo you were just born with that sapness'

(when someone cant down a pint of beer) 'ahhh you SAP!'
by JerrySG July 26, 2009
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Hey dawg, let me sap on that piece
by h-player May 28, 2003
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Sad And Proud!

SAP, someone who knows that his/her actions or interests aint cool or 120, but are nonetheless happy....no, "Proud" to continue!

In recent years due to the resurgence to popularity of the 'geek' culture SAP has been transformed from an insult to a huge compliment.
David:" hey Bob, did u watch that programme on the lives of dinosaurs n how they interact?"

Bob: "David, you're such a SAP!"

David: "I know" :)
by The Raging Ju January 08, 2005
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Abbreviation for Sexually Active Pot Smoker made up by two 8th grade students at Mogaodre Jr. High in an attempt to "make a funny" about two girls who are neither sexually active or pot smokers. This is probably the stupidest thing that they could say about these innocent girls seeing as one of them is cross-eyed and the other is a fat and ugly with a missing tooth.
Look at those girls sitting at that lunch table, they are such SAPS, they make me sick. Why dont they just shut up and go suck some cock followed by a doowop for penis sake!
by Cayli Jomnes February 20, 2005
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Originally a person who is a wuss when it comes to rain, however it now refers to all people who are wusses
Man Buck is such a sap, it's barely raining and hes wearing a goddamn Gordon the Fisherman Jacket.
by repoclause April 13, 2006
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SAP is an acronym for "Stress Anxiety Pain".
The feelings felt when implementing or using SAP software for the first time, and second time, and third time, and ...
by Sappy January 11, 2007
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