Santiago is a Colombian sex god, but he is more that that lol. Santiago's are the most caring, passionate, funny, and best guys you can possibly know. You legit CANNOT get any better than a Santiago. In a relationship you can tell him how great he is but he will never feel like he is better than you, he will see you as the most beautiful being and see you as perfect. It's crazy the amount of love you feel from a Santiago, and it's wild how he doesn't realize how great and out of everyone's league he is. If you get the chance to have a Santiago, whether is be as a friend, best friend, or boyfriend, never let them go. The will be the most loyal and best thing to ever happen to you
Santiago is the best!
I love Santiago, I'm so happy we got close!
Santiago is my best friend, I couldn't ask for better.
by gigibigpp May 11, 2020
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Probably the best person of all time. He will kick your ass if you disrespect anyone he cares about. He is awesome at sports. He is sooo good looking, he sure will take your girl without any effort.
Oh my gosh is that Santiago I want to date him.
by SF48 March 15, 2017
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A Puerto Rican sex God. Santiago is well known for his extraordinary penis: He contributes he success to his phallus and sexual conquests. Although many women of the mid west have seen the orgasmic light of the Puerto Rican sex God, there is only one woman that has ever stimulated Santiago both body and mind. Santiago is most effective as a God when in the act of transcended emulsion with this one woman.
oh Santiago! oh Santiago! Oh Santiago!
by Utahmel April 22, 2008
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The best boyfriend you can ever have he is always there for you even if you don’t what him to be, can get annoying sometimes but he will love you a lot , he is also very caring of what he has.
Oh there goes Santiago he is so nice .
by My self February 26, 2018
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Santiago is the name of an amazing guy. He's quite the chick magnet, and seems like a player, but is incredibly loyal to whomever he's with. He is very athletic, especially in baseball, and can catch really well. He has soft, brown hair that you can run your fingers through while watching movies, or scrolling through tiktok with him. His zodiac is normally a Scorpio, Taurus, or Cancer, and is most compatible with a Virgo. He is caring and compassionate, yet dedicated and stubborn. He has a common flaw of being antisocial, and connected to technology more than one should, but there will always be one person who can drag him away from his screen and he wouldn't care. When you're with a Santiago, show him affection, and never let him think you don't like him, because he deserves more then that.
Girl 1: "I saw the hottest guy at the baseball game!"
Girl 2: "Was his name Santiago?"
Girl 1: "Yeah, how'd you know?"
Girl 2: "C'mon..."
by urban.writer July 9, 2021
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A being in a series of YouTube videos on the channel “Pamtri” that is in nearly every single video and always kills someone. He appears to be nigh omnipotent and he spends 70$ on bullets every week. He usually likes to possess people and after he’s done killing, he says SANTIAGO with a loud echo effect.
Who are you?”
by PPSLAYER611 February 19, 2018
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Man in Mask traps you in alley: Santiago called and he needs his money.

Ty: Tell Santiago he will get his money I just need a few days.
Man in Mask: That's what you said last time *reaches for gun
by Freddie Valedi May 10, 2017
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