Term meaning to run away or to get away from a dangerous situation
O shit thats yur man Santiago burn mi name in rubber bitch im gone!
by dylan Chris and chaz January 2, 2009
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The funniest and most kind-heart soul on the planet
Santiago is the reason that life is able to flourish
by Pickleman749372o April 12, 2022
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Santiago has a big yoshi nose but is super tall and skinny like slender man
Dang that’s a big nose must be a Santiago”
by lucylover7082 December 1, 2019
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creepy ass kid who kept tryna get with me, sending me overly sexual pick up lines and other disgusting stuff. the thing so horrible about him... his friend started sending me these things first. then his friend gave him my number, in hopes of the friend helping the original boy. when "santi" didn't stop, I told him I would tell his friend and he didn't care and I was like fuck you. then when he invited me over it was ew and he tried to rape me. also. just help. also don't let him hold your hand, he'll drag you into an alley and try to make out even if you don't even know his middle name.
Santiago : no.
by be.gay. August 21, 2019
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When a co-worker asks for a ton of help to complete their work, but doesn't even give you an honorable mention when taking credit for said work.
Co-worker #1 "Alex just asked me for help to complete his user story".

Co-worker#2 "When the boss reviews his work he probably won't mention that you basically did the work for him"

Co-worker #1 "He's pulling a Santiago on me again. Why do I bother helping this guy?"
by BossFrenchBulldog420 March 30, 2017
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Stupid child who everyone has at their elementary school. AKA that one kid who is purposefully dumb af on purpose and annoys anyone and everyone in sight. Also most of them are fatherless. Their natural habitat is their mom's basement; yes even after school, they stay in the basement their whole life. (Also when they grow up they become a chaotic Man-Child)
Santiago is dumb as hell. Santiago is cringe. Santiago is gay. Santiago is a no-life shut-in neet.
by ?.person.who.is.way.too.honest January 26, 2022
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Santiago a gay monkey ape
From the Amazon basin
by Jiimmmybob July 25, 2021
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