He is a top tier foot hoover, he will sober all over those toes while making love to you. You will hear him screaming princess at the top of his lungs while choking on the toenail he chomped off earlier that evening. He also may sneak off to find your little sister so be careful when he leaves the room.
Santiago stop touching my sisters toes
by alexisgod October 27, 2020
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A total legend. All the girls like him, but he has a very tiny chode. For this reason all the girls hate. But generally he is very intelligent
Santiago has a tiny penis
by Santi has a tiny chode October 5, 2018
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Garbage gamer, bad at league, roblox, r6, destiny, tarkov, and overall a shitty person. He is also nearly failing extended math and should go back to standard
Santiago is gay
by Lmao7#kike March 10, 2020
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Santiago is a person who is very persistent, he constantly tries to get what he wants and likes to annoy his friends when a incident occurs. He loves to showcase his neck because he finds it attractive and strives to become the best Mexican there has ever been. He can be jealous at his friends achievements and loves to make memes to annoy his siblings. He likes to write his own meme music to play on his trombones.
Santiago annoys his siblings by making memes about his older sister. Santiago is jealous of his older sis, because she is the best Mexican to walk on earth.
by MexQween January 26, 2019
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Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Named for Saint James.
Nick Name: Chago
santiago is hispanic.
by Bbesco2021 October 10, 2006
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A sexual posistion where the mans dick is in his own ass.
Santiago: i did the santiago with my brother last night

Evan: fo sho negro
by cole-jackman February 7, 2008
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