The guy that dyslexic devil worshipers sell their souls to.
(A dyslexic satanist, named Tommy, walks up): I worship Santa!
(His friend Ash replies): No, man, I think it Satan.
by -lovemetal December 11, 2007
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a fat old man who wears red and smokes a lot of pot which is why hes always laughing.

damn look at santas's shit!

santa be smokin that muthafuckin pot or he aint laughin

i hear santa give out shit for dem youngins
by 08ersk8erh8er January 11, 2004
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That guy that doesn't exist
little kid: "Dad, wheres Santa?"
Drunken Dad: "That fat bastard ain't real, go back to bed"
little kid: (dreams officially crushed)
by dreamcrushedboy December 23, 2010
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Santa is Satan.It's not just the spelling either.Do a little research.Sheesh.
by truth February 26, 2004
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