The art of tagging Sanjay Tami at the end of all wallposts, comments, and other activity on Facebook. This is an elite sport for only the highest of athletes, it requires strength, endurance, and Sanj as a friend on Facebook. Its where the winners are seperated from the losers.

*ANOTHER FORM OF SANJING: In addition to tagging Sanjay Tami at the end of all Facebook activity, you must replace whole words or parts of words with "sanj". Such as, sanjlarious (hilarious), sanjward (awkward), etc.

Keep the sanj alive.
Dude, did you see my sanjing last night? Definitely sanjulated all over the sanj's sanjbook. Sanjay Tami
by THESANJMASTER August 24, 2011
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Dhanushiya's bae
Sanje loves Dhanushiya because it's his girlfriend
by Dhanu❤️ December 10, 2016
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Is a short stocky person with a wide 24/32 inch neck, always moans about everything and Does not like to payout, would try to save every penny, talks alot of rubbish but is a cool dude at times
That guys a true Sanj
by The Boove July 17, 2019
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World famous music producer/ DJ for punjabi ( North Indian ) music and Hindi (Bollywood) music. He's Indo-Canadian and this shows in some of his tracks as he's known for creating awesome fusion music (blending 2 styles of music). Also launched the career of lehmber hussainpuri, collaborating with lehmber to produce the dance floor hit ' Das Ja ' , as well as launching jay status' career with smash hit 'Chugliyan' . Sanj is definitely one of the best producers in the Asian music industry. Among Sanj's best songs are : Katal Kare ; Mukhada ; Das Ja ; Pind wich balle balle ; Mitran di jaan ; Balle Balle Hogayi mitro ; Neriyan
If you don't believe me, YouTube ' Katal Kare ' by DJ Sanj and Jay Status
by Jhatri July 26, 2013
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Sanj is a beast. He knows how to get what he wants. Everyone has the upmost respect for sanj. Everyone wishes they could be sanj.
I’ll only come if Sanj is there
by Honest due November 22, 2021
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