a dude who gets all the money all the hoes and all the fame and popularity
"man i got shanika all over me im the fuckin man"


"look at all that money deontae just pulled out he the fuckin man".
by lashante' April 4, 2009
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Universal application... when a response is necessary... though not necessarily specified.
"Hey, your dog got run over". Fuckin a man..
"Hey, you got the job man!" Fuckin a man...
"Did you do it?" Fuckin a man...
"How was it?" Fuckin a man....
"Are the 70's over?" Fuckin a man....
"The market dropped 500 pts" Fuckin a man...
by yikesmt September 16, 2008
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A phrase used by males to denote displeasure, and annoyance with females who make things more complicated and difficult than they need to be.
Man I talked to Sara, she said she wanted to date, then a week later she changes her mind and wants to date my friend, then starts hitting on me again. fuckin' chicks, man
by thorgodoftunder November 9, 2012
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A phrase only usable after a very succesfull night. Ways to this success may include but not limited to:
3 shots of jager
2 bong hits


A Cheeseburger

16oz Beer Bong
Liquor Pong
Gravity bong hits by the 10's
Helping Mackoul with his bottle of Captain
Hitting Geoff's new bong of the week to many times to count
Flip Cup
Magic Mushrooms
Hanging with the crazy crazy molly
The weird guy that lives under the condo... When is he so drunk he is passed out during a loud ass party and doesnt move for hours... THAT IS Fuckin Smasshhed Man!

You also maybe smashed if you wake up somewhere different than you went to bed.
by Resident of the trap house October 11, 2010
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When a mexican pornstar with a moustache hits a girl with his dick.

Can also mean an attempted mexican wave during revision or an exam in class.
Farrow, Dallas and Fox... Control her or give her the fuckin' mexican wave man!
by MexicanTwat May 29, 2010
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