its like bigin up something the urban uk version would be "brap brap", or creating a hype whilst dancing, partying etc...
its Punjabi, and used in almost every punjabi song
Balle Balle Shava Shava
by PanjabiPaki January 11, 2009
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When a bitch be so fascinated wit' yo balls she be playin' round wit' em like she in vegas on a slot machine. or some shit. You think there be some ma'fuckin' lights and all them casino noises goin' off, the way she be actin'. Bitch think she gone won the damn jackpot, an' shit. Crazy bitch. Damn...
Yo, I jus' kicked it las' night while my bitch be playin' balls balls balls.
by B-Diggbigitty February 1, 2008
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The strange occurance of a male having three testicles.
Dude, I never knew you had ball balls!
by Lois February 20, 2004
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Pronun key: Ball-ball
Noun: A game
Ball ball is a game, where one person is holding a yoga ball, and another person charges at the Baller(The person holding the yoga ball). The Baller, is also knows as the Jumper, because, when the Charger, charges at the Baller, The baller jumps in the air, where normally, The charger and Jumper get bounced back for, or, the Baller, Ends up fliping, Around, Or Over the Charger.
Friend 1:Yo, lets go play some ball ball man.
friend 2:I'm still injured from the last time you flipped me when we played....
Friend 1:........So are we playing or are you a pussy?
by Me-hung-low August 18, 2006
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niggas cum in eachothers mouth and u pee in their ass and you all have 74 hours of anal and each one of them rip each others dicks off.
by Attack helicopter/ him/ her December 22, 2020
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The urbanely mystical colloquialism for a Christmas bauble. Refers back to the Wanglo Saxon term for double take where a festive reveller, often with narcolepsy or amnesia, would see decorations and for one reason or another need a second glance, or squint.
I wish my ball balls was a bit shinier, squire.

Please refer me to your local ball balls procurer for my tree is bare and my famalam is on the way.
by Prince Raygun January 1, 2017
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The words one must utter while playing Call of Duty Black Ops | when the Trey arch logo appears on screen indicating a player must patiently wait an undefined amount of time for the game to progress.

The phrase describes the look of the Trey arch logo as it cycles repeatedly in its modified toroidal circular pattern to indicate something VERY important is happening in the background. The logo gives a player a visual prompt to utter an audible update to other players in their party to ensure they are made aware of a delay in game play.

It’s customary for players in a COD party to repeat, "Ball Ball Dick" over and over to ensure other party members can take appropriate action (e.g. crack open a beer, get more Cheetos, replace controller batteries, scratch one’s ass, etc.) The phrase is most effective in a sentence, "I'm being Ball Ball Dicked right now. Hopefully I can rejoin your party soon!"

For brevity, a TLA-version "BBD" can be used to provide faster conveyance of one’s status to other players and this approach is highly useful for out-of-band communication (e.g. text/SMS, Skype, smoke signals, etc.) when Xbox Live chat services are unavailable.

While the phrase refers to the wait-time in COD |, it can also be liberally used to describe other situations when one must wait an unknown amount of time (i.e. DMV; Proctologist’s office; While waiting for someone to finish taking a shit).
Son --- of --- a --- bitch!!!! I'm being BALL BALL DICKED again?!?!? Hopefully I can rejoin my goddam Call of Duty party soon! Damn you Treyarch....Damn you to Hell!
by Doug6ft3 March 23, 2016
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