A strobe light is something that one should not cary around with them at night when driving an excesive amount of people in their parents car under the influence of marijuana without a valid license.
The cop thought he saw a strobe light flashing in our car, when really it was only a digital camera.
by dyl0n October 15, 2005
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One second she was laughing and the next she was smacking someone. Not just anyone can strobe light like that.
by stober January 8, 2010
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When a man wraps a glow in the dark condom around his penis and has sex with his female partner. While going in and out at a fast rate, the glow of the condom creates an appearance of a strobe light.
Last night me and regina were strobe lighting.
by Purdue is awesome March 6, 2009
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To perform the strobe light, one must first have a couple of conditions in which must remain static during the art of copulation. The first condition is that this act must be performed in a room with ambient light provided by a lamp plugged in with an old=school "clapper" machine. The other condition is that the room should be completely dark when the light is turned in the off position.

So here we go.
Simply have un-gentle, hard sex (at a rigorous pace) with your partner so that it creates the typical "slapping" sound. This will activate the clapper, turning the light on and off at a rapid pace. EI, it's a fucking strobe light!!!
Last night I got wasted and started poundin' this chick. Dude, it was classic, we actually did the strobe light!
by DDubleYou September 30, 2007
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the act of lighting up and being high. the name refers to the feeling of your raised heart beat when your under the influence and the constant tingling down your body.
guy 1: what are you doing tonight?
guy 2: strobe-lighting
guy 1: sweet!
by L Nags January 16, 2009
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something that messes up retards eyes and makes them look even more retarded then normal
Dude i wanna see BN's eyes in these strobe lights!
by Lights camera action February 20, 2011
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A girl that looks great in a dark club under strobe-lighting but is a different story under normal lighting
I hooked up at X-club with this chick but when we met the next day she turned out to be a strobe-light honey.
by C April 24, 2005
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