Military slang for the middle east, especially those nations with sandy deserts eg Iraq, Saudi Arabia. Usually just refered to as 'The Sandpit'
Looks like the Army's sending for another tour in 'the sandpit'. Last time I was there I was stuck in Baghdad for 9 months.
by anonimouse October 28, 2006
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The place behind Reimert Hall where people at Ursinus College settle beef. Basically a shitty volleyball court that people wrestle at.
RJ: “Dude what the fuck are you talking about?”
Sean: “Let’s sandpit.”
by TheDickmeister October 23, 2019
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A pile of sand, inwhich small black children play with or in.
The small ugly black boy plays in the sand pit
Look at that black boy he's eating the sand from that sandpit
by I looove chicken December 14, 2011
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A workplace in which there is often conflict; in which many of the occupants are incompetant and do little but raise the ire of other workers (i.e. kids in a sandpit who just piss the other kids off).

The offending workers are typically one/multiples of glorywhore, dumb cunt, fucking retard and old pickle
G: God damn Wayne is a fucking retard, look what he fucked up this time (points anywhere)

J: Christ, I was about to show you this (point at something else) that he also fucked up; he sure is a dumb cunt

G: Fucking oath, has he actually done anything?

J: Not that I've seen, but he's such a fucking glorywhore, you know he told (boss) that 'we' fixed this (points); that was fucking me!

(J's phone rings, he leaves)

G: God damn Splendour was awesome, now I'm back in the fucking sandpit
by mr gilly August 6, 2007
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Treating a serious activity in a childish manner.
The bureaucrat wasn't interested in our problem. He was just sandpitting. He picked up his little plastic bucket and spade every morning and spent a happy day at our expense.
by Foreman material October 3, 2018
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Sandpit Turtle is a genetically modified species of turtles that where created in Britain and were accidentally transported to Mexico; on the B.M.T Horizon. This was a humiliating mistake by

Captain Olive Skies. In North America these turtles are commonly called Tony Turtles and are a rare nocturnal species that only appears with three Mexicans one of which must look like a female at times but they are all male. They can be captured using Star Wars related things or other turtles and on the occasion of someone piercing a veil. The bite is venomous and causes insomnia that can only be cured by the sound of sirens that come from the lowest point or the all time lowest point you can find in your area. For this reason they should be feared even though it can be extremely adorable at times but just ask Alexandria you will regret running in to this turtle because it is not very selfish but my case collisions with the sky and could be dramatic. This was a beloved pet of the captain Olive Skies later adopted by the three Mexicans.
This is sandpit turtle!
by whysodayumhotbroski July 1, 2014
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1. A moment of great reflection on your life.
Your girlfriend tells you she's pregnant, it's unplanned and you're completely unprepared. It's time for a sandpit moment. You head to the nearest park and go sit by the local recreational sandpit reflecting.
by morpah October 18, 2012
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